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This is an animation we made back in 2006 for a flash series concept.

Watching .hack inspired Sanders to start crafting a story about a group of gamers who discover an exploit inside of the MMORPG they are playing. This glitch sucks a player's mind into the game, permanently. They meet a mysterious black-masked warrior afterwards who had fallen victim to the same fate long before them, and the gamers learn that this person has since then become insane and now seeks revenge on a particular GM that he suspects engineered the exploit that tore them all away from their lives in reality. The events that ensue is a dark, mind-control conspiracy in which the game and its fantasy setting is the venue. Can you survive an MMO?

In this particular episode, a villainous player character (infamous for player killing) embarks on a revenge quest against a GM named Aganta during the game's launch ceremony.

This episode was a training ground in flash animation and Sanders made it to get into college at NYU.

The original movie desc is below:

Approx Running time: 4 minutes. Around 10,000 frames at 30 fps]



I agre with Geode-stone, everything he said was exactly what i would have said. i also whant to add the fact that in the past i have thought and wondered what it would be like to play in a world that is so totally different. the way that no matter what happens you could come back into the world as somebody else,(or do you have your own opinion?).

the music in it was perfect! i like the song you chose, it fit perfect.more sond effects, not to much, i hate when people do that, it spoils the whole movie.

i also agree that the chopy animation was "there" anof to bother me, but you gave it some thought and made this animation great! hope the rest of the episodes are just as good or better!!

P.S. PLEASE respond to this or i wouldent have typed so much.

Neolight responds:

;O dont worry sir you're review will not go unseen and unappreciated.

Yeah the ability to realize the game world and its diversity is apart of the charm. I love the fact that you guys appreciate whats behind the blood, even in if there's only a little hint of that content in this episode.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with meh. As far as my opnion goes, it doesn't matter. What really matters is what you took from it when the flash concluded.

lolzlolzoolzz yes I'm going to work on the animation and make it a little more fluid and personal.

Thanks, will make sure I start the series off with more pwnz than expected ;D

Unbelievably good.

If I had one "6" review to give a month, it would have been given to this piece. Fantastic, detailed, internally-consistent world; glorious sound; nice fresh takes on motion, light, camera angle, depth of field, clothing, gear & weapons, backgrounds.

Spare narrative and story -- connected by thought and implication as much as by words or images. I'd like to know about how you handled the audio recording, and how many episodes of plot you plannd out before finishing this piece.

metasj (meta.sj@gmail)

Neolight responds:

I've been meaning to send yeh an email - i'll be sure to do it today. Thanks for your review.


well done graphics, generaly nice sound (voices kinda out of place) really sets the pace for futer submits. i like it alot.
very .Hack//sign

very good.

i usually do not watch flash animations but this one caught my eye. i believe it is one of the best i have seen, though i havent seen many. i will be looknig forward to future episodes.


When I saw this I thought, "Great, another .Hack impesinator." I have to say you did the whole MMO flash really WELL! It's a little rough around the edges and can be improved but this would be awesome as a series! This is coming from a true MMO fan who LOVES MMO's!

PS. Awaiting the sequel with open arms!

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Neolight responds:

Yup! We omit the homicidal AI, the virtual hentai-teki brother / sister incest, and the cute little grunty moo moo things for raw MMO action!

Can't say I'm not a .Hack fan though. I cant wait for Roots to hit cartoon network over here.

Anyway, thanks for your motivating review. I'll keep you updated through pm's.

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Oct 20, 2006
8:00 PM EDT