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This is Halloween-NG

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Edit: WOW, I made the Halloween 2006 Collection! Thank you Newgrounds! and Tom!

Yea! My Halloween themed flash is done.. I seem to be improving ever so slightly.. I think parts of it are funny..
When I started this, I was heading in a completely different direction. I was going to try to make it scary, then I realized I can't "do" scary.. So you have what you see here... Enjoy. Note: I know most of the lip-syncing blows. I got it in under a meg.. :)

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Yeah this is kind of dumb except for the end... @katnipkitten comes to the rescue...


why,d you ruin that song? :C


good vid... and its true about the guy under me... i dont care if the drawings are bad....

Danny Elfman should sue you

"Pumpkins scream in the dead of night
This is Halloween, everybody make a scene"

you need to improve your drawing style
also the hanging man was out of tune, with that gradient

i didn't give a 10 in sound because of the Pico speaking

anyway, I see you have good reference, and after somework you can end up doing really nice stuff

(I haven't seen your other movies)

321 responds:

Ya, know if you had any flash on Newgrounds I could be like... Thank you for your review.... but you have none, yet you want Danny Elfman to sue me? OK, that may have been a joke.. K...
"you need to improve your drawing style
also the hanging man was out of tune, with that gradient" OK, you seem to know how to use Flash, yet you have none here... or you could have picked that up on the forums... I know I draw like crap... I use a mouse! Draw with a mouse, it sucks, but I don't have a bill and half to drop on a tablet! Hey I voiced Pico myself, would you have liked it better if I used clock voices instead? I'm sorry if I seem a bit harsh, but I put a lot of time into this! I think it's semi funny! Is it a masterpiece? Hell no, who am I Dave? I could only wish... Whatever, some people thought it was ok.... and I'm fine with that...

Not bad...

but not good either. Still, since you're a newcomer to the world of flash I'll give some lenience. And besides, Nightmare before Christmas rules. Would have been better to finish the entire song, havent watched it in a while but i'm pretty sure it was longer. The "ban this piece of crap" bit was irrelevant and broke the mood, next time, avoid using it.

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4.30 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2006
4:58 PM EDT
Music Video

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