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Bighouse Beatdown

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Now you’ve done it! You screwed up and got yourself thrown in the state pen. Several inmates want pieces of you (though different pieces), and even the guards have got it in for you! You better hurry up and punch, kick, and fight to keep your honor! Watch out for the Prison Passion! Beating up your opponent with one move may get them excited! Be sure to mix things up or you could find a new bunk mate. The game also features funny video clips from the Universal Pictures movie, Let’s Go To Prison, in theaters November 22nd. – This is a game we created for the movie, hope you enjoy it.


So many bad reviews?

This is a pretty good game I think everyone is being overly aggresive about the reviews. Though there were some obvious problems like your enemies could block as long as they want and you can't break it. There should be some kind of block breaker. Though I was entertained while playing this game and that was the overall objective so yeah..... good job

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Hard but...

You shoudnt hate a game for being hard ts awesome

not bad

this game is alright, i didn't make it very far though.


where do i start, there is so many things wrong,,,,,,,,, the graphics sucks, all u do is punch and kick. it takes 2minutes for the person to get up, it doesn't have any purpose, and poeple on this game has no idea what they got themself into.................................
...........NO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lame Game

I give you 2 for the effort.

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3.31 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2006
4:43 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS