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Just made this chess game in case you wanted to play, and you didn't have a chess board... ok it doesn't have death, blood and shit like that but oh well.

hehe check it out... (194 kb)


i like the idea.

A 2-player-only chess game with no rule-checking or even impediment to putting 2 pieces on the same square? I'd say it has its place... if ONLY it actually let you reverse the perspective and make it rotate the board 180 degrees! This is useless even for playing with someone else using the same computer because you don't have a board available. Unless he looks at the screen upside down. Totally useless.

A flash chess game, well kind of. The game looks ok, and there are authentic-sounding clacking noises as you move the pieces. Sadly though there's no program to follow the rules of the game, so really is like a chess set but on a screen. You can move any of the pieces anywhere, and you have to manually discard defeated pieces to the taken pieces area. Would have been much better if it played like a real chess game, and you could choose to play a human or a computer. For an amateur flash creator in the year 2000 this would have been a hard task though, so not too much can be expected. Shame.

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Well at least the game is traditional and authentic but the guy could have at least made this for a Vs Computer player. Like I can't even get anyway to play chess in real life let alone a flash game. :P

you need an opponent
but the thing works
its well drawn
could use a reset button
not bad

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1.74 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2000
10:39 PM EDT
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