Flash Tutorials-Volume 2

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Taking anybody from A to Z in the world of Flash.

The second part in this tutorial series. I hope it teaches you a few things.

Keyboard Control List:

--Main Menu--
Up/Down - Next/Prev Selection
Enter - Select

--In Lesson--
Left/Right - Prev/Next
M - Main Menu
B - Previous Menu

1 - Low Quality
2 - Medium Quality
3 - High Quality
S - Turn Music On/Off

**********A special thanks to Gib for some of the origional art used in the animation.**********

PS. If you're wondering, yes I DID mean to make all text selectable.

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The most helpful Flash tutorial I have seen!

I am very new to flash, and using it to make a portfolio since I graduate college in May with an architecture degree and it is important my work can get OUT THERE. The tutorials Macromedia makes are inaccurate, and I feel like a lot of the tutorials I've seen have skipped the basic elements of each lesson. I can do some strangely complicated things - such as make scrolling text, forms to fill out which will send emails, etc. but I didn't understand what they meant by making a movie clip within the main timeline, or the logic behind ActionScript and how to figure out codes on my own. Thank you!

Nice job

Gotta tell you how excited i was when i saw someone used ninjitsu in a flash! But beyond that, excellent work! I don't plan on animating any time soon but still I like the idea of not giving us everything so we can still make an animation "our own."

Oh yeah, and I liked the music too! XD

SaRs-333 responds:

Woot woot! A responce from the legend himself. Yeah the music -was- good :P. Thanks for the review, and further more - the responce!

This is really great

this is the best turtorial i think i have seen on newgrounds. it was entertaining and i actualy read through the entire thing the layout was perfect and worked really well with the music.

SaRs-333 responds:

Thank you. I put alot of time into this one, as opposed to my first one.
The content in this volume isn't quite as good as the first one, but the layout was good. Hope to make a third one before too long.
Thanks for the review!


The absolute BEST tutorail I have ever seen. Very nice job, all the sound was spot on, the BG music was good, it was simple and easy to understand, everything looked great! nice job!

SaRs-333 responds:

:D. I really put alot of effort into the layout because I was teaching artwork and I didn't want to look like a fool. Heh. Thanks for the good review!


You really did a amazing job. I voted 5 on that flash. Keep it up!

SaRs-333 responds:

Thanks you ^_^. Glad to see it helped you. Maybe it will even stop so much shit from coming into the portal.

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4.00 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2006
4:19 AM EDT
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