Ghoul Academy

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From the creators of Swords and Sandals comes Ghoul Academy, an old school action-shoot-em-up in the great traditions of Contra and Ghosts N' Goblins. Destroy the undead using a variety of weapons and powerups...can you make it to the end of round boss?

Use the Arrow Keys to move, Z to shoot and X to jump. Tap X twice to double-jump.

It's time to take some ghouls to school!


Not quite.

The controls are too uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Instead of using z and x or c and x, whatever they were, you should have used space and A or something. Space to jump and A to shoot. Also it was boring and on a couple levels I went under the ground and could shoot the enemies without being hit. If theres a glitch, people will abuse it. =D


I love nothing more than a religious figure with a gun, so plus points there. But I found the controls kind of weird, but upon saying that, I don't really know how you could 'fix' that.
As before said by others, the enemies get repetitive, and as do a bit of the levels.
And a small gripe I have is that ammo-pickups should be stackable.

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Decent...but not much else.


Well, it was fun for the first few minutes, and then it got dreadfully boring. The combat, jumping, and overall game play was pretty solid. However, the enemies got really repetitious, and limited map areas were definitely a minus.

All in all, it had good art, decent sound effects, but the game play lacked in a few major areas.


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this would be sweet if

you could raom further and blood and better aiming i feel kinda restricted to waht i shoot


I really love these old type shooting games...Please make more.
I also like the way you make the boss have a weakness instead of just shooting him you need to shoot the ball thing...nice!

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3.76 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2006
1:59 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun