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This is my first detailed stickmovie and its too short beacouse i started on a new one.. hope u like this one anyways...


ok, but heeps of room for improvement

well, you got some nice graphics there, but the stick figure really doesnt move well atall, and stick figures nees good movement to make them any good. some views make him look kinda weird, and he doesnt walk too nicely. when he jumped out of the building, the building was just a box! everything else was detailed except that bit. it seems that you rushed it towards the end. and lol wats with the lasers on there feet? I dont get it.

couldnt really let this go....

if it was longer and u knew why the guy got shot out the damn window might get u through >.>

btw. the stick figures kinda looked weird XD

try better or work on it a bit more


Short and very bloody, and not a bit fake about any of it. Nice way to go.

FOr a first in this class, helluva good start point, now try making one with more detailed plot and greater length.

Keep 'em coming, comrade :P


Not Bad

Not bad, not bad. Looks pretty good, though it really needs to be longer and have a plot of some sort, but the graphics weren't too bad, and neither was the sound. Need to work on the animation quite a bit too, but , truly, not bad, especially for your first.


Crappy animation, crappy voiceover... I like the concept, and the song, but the animation is basically crap =(

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1.87 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2006
7:39 PM EDT
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