Kid Icarus - Monster Box

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**holy--- holy crap i - i am getting a heart attack here... this cant be true, the FRONT PAGE!!
thx you guys! yesterday i thought I couldnt make it, but as i saw this blue dragon in the front page, i thought: "OMG!!" THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!**

Hi Guys, this is my third flash at all.
The second one was about Kid Icarus, trying to initiate you to the story of Kid Icarus.

There was also a "Tablet Scene" which was quite succesfull, I guess, because some of you liked it.

Thats why I created a Flash, with the same background as in that scene, and let Pit fight again.
But this time, not only against a bunch of Tablets, no...
This time, you'll see much more than just tablets ;)

Including 2 Special Guests, hope you can recognize them!

Have fun!


its alright but...

can i see like a face for icarus?i mean i like to jus draw long hair and cover the dude's eyes but it's just not that good.

graphics:i automatically give 5s if it's non sprite!
style:don't know why we even have this box but whatever.
sound:good music and SFX
violence:why is there a rating for violence?
interactivity:play button.they should get rid of this too.
humor:meh.had to give it something besides 0.
overall:7.i always vote 5 or 0 cause the overall scores not gonna go down unless u vote eigher 5 or 0!:D

oldavid is kinda queer cause if u didn't find anything better than this than omg...go to the flash portal and watch some of the top 50.stead of those stupid random flashes outa nowhere.
sorry.just had 2 say that.

that's all,
kRaZy AsIaN.


I don't know why people say this animation is good
But I say it stinks wat do you use to draw your flash
I don't really think this belongs on the front page, for your next flash trying
1.making the animation a lot cleaner and add more details (faces are inportant)
2. Giving a better plot or maybe make a plot
3. Use something better to draw your flash
So keep this in mind next time you make a flash


Lol, why are you ever surprised this made it to frontpage? Your fbf skills pwns. :D


It was pretty good. I was going to vote this 4/5 but towards the end I started not to like it as much. It was a little pointless I mean I know it was for practice and all but Icarus just stood there and shot monsters he wasn't going through a castle to fight a big boss something of that nature. It seemed a little short also. So in conclusion it was just short of a 4/5 so I had no choice but to vote 3. If I were to go into decimals you would get about a 3.8.

MKjack responds:

Dude, as I have written in the Intro, this has nothing to DO with the story.
Besides monster box, there is a Story running, why should I include a story here?

And also, the final foe of Kid Icarus in THIS flash, was a boss of the story.

And I think that 60 seconds of frame-by-frame is enough, and there are also guys who like short-action movies, as I have read.

But thx for the review.

I am offended.

hoow kin you mayke a film about a fiyting angel? Angels are not suppoosed to fight, they are suppoosed to be peaceful. You will go to hell for m8king angels fiyt like this!!!111!!1


Kidding. Just trying to think of how people could be offended by this and make those people look like dumbasses. And now for MY opinion of this flash, even though it probably won't matter to much, but I thought this flash was great. You made an old 16-bit game look kickass, although I've only played Kid Icarus once, it was a tad frustrating. And if you weren't trying to copy the game and it's by pure coincidence then I apologize, but I still thought this flash was awesome. I give it an 8 :)

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3.96 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2006
8:39 AM EDT