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Then I saw it.

I entered a door and found a horrid sight, quicky finding out what this place was. There were tanks, rows after rows, each numbered and coded with lights and machines buzzing about. They were all empty, but one. I stopped and approached the thing in the tank, and as I walked forward I began to notice what was inside. it appeared to be a woman, unclothed, with a rather muscular build, greyish hair and a strange tatoo on her left shoulder. I approached the tank to study what I saw, I could not believe this was real. Who was this woman? what was this woman? Whoever had made this place.. did they create this person? questions only gathered more and more into my mind as I looked on farther. I gazed at the tatoo on the her shoulder, it was a symbol, followed by a barcode. in plain black. I sighed wondering what the hell this place was, and looked up to study her face. Perhaps she was a missing person who had been brough here, or a scientist conducting experiments on herself. I couldnt really make it out, so I got closer tank. My face was almost up to the glass before I could see clearly. I peered into her closed eyes and wondered if she was even alive. Her body was motionless inside the tank, surrounded by some sort of fluid. I became sick to my stomach at the thought someone would do such a thing to a human being. Then, as if hearing my words, the woman awoke, eyes wide open and almost buldging. Our eyes met,they were a strange shade of bright green, no color a natural pair of eyes were. She looked up and down at me in curiousity, as if never seeing anything like me before, and smiled. I was scared shitless, this woman had fangs, from the quick look I got they appeared sharper then that of a wolverines. I feel to the ground, startled(my face had still been up upon the glass). I looked up, the woman appeared confused at why I feel, and even a little upset, she must of known she had scared me. I approached the tank again, and looked up. She smiled again, and put her hand on the glass. Her face was horrifying, but yet I felt she meant no harm to me. I smiled back at her, and put my hand up on the glass where her hand was. Staring into her eyes I could tell that these were her first moments of life. She was probably made by whatever the hell these people were, whoever the hell they were, and had no idea what she was, or I was for that matter. I continued to look into her eyes, she was still smiling at me. I wondered what could possibly be on her mind, and then I heard a voice.

"Intriguing", isn't it?" the man behind me said. I looked over quickly to see what it was. He wore a white pedicoat, along with a pair of spectacles and black boots. "It is the latest prototype of bio-human combatant soldier" the man said. "I wouldn't get too attached to it if I were you, we will have no need for it after its testing." he continued. "Its mind status is still of its own will, afterall, thats not what our founders want, do they?" I looked at him confused. "What do they want?" I asked suspiciously. He smiled, "Weapons, lots of them." He said. I looked over at the woman in the tank, and she smiled again. I qucikly realized what they were going to do to her. I began to feel bad for her. "Your going to kill her?" I asked dumbly. He looked suspicious, and a bit annoyed of my question. "When the research is complete, there will be no reason to keep it around." He said. "It was determined from the anaylis that it is unpredictable and will most likely not respond the way it is needed." He contininued. He looked at me and squinted, "Begone, forget what you have seen here, as if anyone would believe you anyways" he said smiling. I don't know what came over me. I felt bad for the poor creature in the tank. I pulled out the pistol and pointed it straight at the mans head. "Let her out." I said plainly. The man looked startled, but quicky regained his smirk. "Your making a big mistake boy." he said teasingly. "Let her out" I repeated angrily. He smirked, walked over and pushed a button.

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the flash is good graphiced and i commend u 4 writing down that whole story, but.....what was the purpose...u should make it ino, like, a short story or something