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The most realistic simulation of Amoebean combat ever devised! Can you feel the love?

Over 18 months in the making, this one on one fighting game featuring unique, distinctive artwork from UK animator Jonathan Reynolds and music from Mr Jones and Unlucky Dave. Code and voices by gavD.

Warning: this game contains a pretty twisted sense of humour and is not for childrens or sensitive types!

Thanks to everyone who helped on this project! I've been very busy this year with humanbeatbox.com, work and life in general, but I have more games in the pipeline!

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I thought this was okay for a fighting game. I think my main beef with it was that I didn't have that many moves. The quality seemed rather low in this. I tried to go to the part of the Options menu where you could change the quality, but I never found it. Oh well, I at least have to give you credit for making a fairly creative game. These really are quite bizarre fighters.

Kicks are a lot more effective than punches. It's also pretty weird how crazy this place is. I wish there could have been a pause button. Maybe there is one and I didn't see it. I don't even understand the title.

Pure genius. I can't even remember how I found this but it's hilarious, the graphics are amazing despite being obnoxiously bright and a little pixelly, the animation is great, the sound effects are good, the music is really fitting, and the voice acting is top-notch.

The gameplay is a bit of a weak point given that some characters just have huge advantages over others; for instance, Granny's crouching punch attack has a huge range and is super spammable, while Butcher's cleaver has very little range. The addition of unique character endings is really great, though. Even if it's a twisted game. I guess one other problem I had with the game was that it's so short you can't get a very good feel for the control scheme. If you added one or two more characters that would have been resolved completely.

fucking sucks

this game too easy and well it also very easy to cheat like i said sucks


its not very often that a wright a reveiw for a game that sucks but this game sucks soooo bad that as soon as the so called scrath started i stopped and started wrighting this.... Anyway the music sucks so damn bad that i needed to beat it out of my head with asking alexandria after that crap. and the grapics are not even fit to go on my sega. Not to mention all the characters look retarded. Im sorry man but this game is just awfull.

realmente a mi me aburrio XD

la musica aburre todos los enemigos son faciles hasta la bestia es papa! relamente no me gusto ny nada....... eso fue mi informe!

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2006
3:53 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS