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The process of utilization of useless "product".


The Flash..

Well, In general it was a very good flash, but It was. Like the other review Suggested it was only touching on something as fragile as the death of another human Being.

Also the fact that, it didnt really make much sense If you think about it, and also the ideas You showed in this were, rather..Repetitive, Eg. Two needles Which apperantly looked like they were draining blood, The first one took a while, then a second one which took exacly the same time (too long). I believe this is the first flash You have actually submitted, I guess to build Yourself a good repetation,etc. Instead of submitting Your first work knowing it will be blammed and the author(s) themselves being looked down upon by the members of newgrounds.

I also believe that it is much like many other things which main idea incircles the fact of human death and what may happen afterwords because there is also a flash nearly identical that i have previously seen, But the difference is You have better graphics than most of these, which is probably why it has achieved front page. Also judging by the fact it is in the experimental group i assumed it would be good graphics and art, as many others in the group are made by experianced authors.

Im sorry if i have made this review rather against the flash but i was just pointing out what it was mainly about and how You could make other good graphic flash's in the future i guess. But if You will reply to this read all of the review before, Because usually if people write long reviews like i guess i have done here, they just read the beggining part which is mainly poiting out the bad things about this.

Well good luck in The future and i hope You can make more flash's i personally hope they will be "experimental" as i really enjoy watching them and i think they help Your imagination. and are really fun to watch, But i also hope that You make some not about human death. As usually it is a depressive subject..

euphorb responds:

Thanks for comment. I think it's just a healthy criticism (but not something that can offend me). And it always helps to grown up ;)

There are also some motion in episodes with needles. "Dude's" hands and face became slender and than incrase again.

Any way, thanks again.

Well, that was was weird

Nice though, bit gross, but i must say, i am a fan of good graphics, and when you add 3d to your flash, and this much..Well, expect a high vote from me!


I enjoyed that immensely. The design and execution of the animation was flawless, and it made for a very enjoyable watch.

I was reminded of Frankenstein's monster when I watched this.


that was intresting

not bad... but

well... i guess it wasn't too bad but i think everyone has seen alot worse. no offence.

(ya ruski. misha.)

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4.16 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2006
7:43 PM EDT