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The process of utilization of useless "product".



I like the subject of this flash. It really makes me wonder, what will the future hold in store for our bodies after we die? I mean think about it, burying, cremation, and all other forms of putting the dead away are inefficient. "Recycling" our bodies would be much more efficient.

But yeah, I like this flash. Nice art and style, and the music fit in very well.

A Creepy Psychological Flash

An interesting concept of a post apocalyptic future. I decided for some reason to watch this without reading the author's comments first. Good thing I did. It really brought this flash unto its own.

A weird chemistry of music and a subject that I never saw coming combined to show a modern day version of classics like Soylent Green and The Matrix. Though not suspenseful on premise, it gives a disturbing view of how life could be. It raises the question to mind "What if we were all sterile at some point? How would we continue the human race?" Of course the flash made a large gloss over the finer technical aspects, the point still drove home.

Well done.


Good concept.

And a great movie, but theres no way that would actually work :p
for lots of anatomical reasons, but super great flash though!

My god...

That was one of the creepiest, yet most brilliant things I have ever seen. Disturbing...
Make more.

Well, that was was weird

Nice though, bit gross, but i must say, i am a fan of good graphics, and when you add 3d to your flash, and this much..Well, expect a high vote from me!

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4.16 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2006
7:43 PM EDT