What the Crepe

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It's very simple. Customers will give you orders, and you have to catch the ingredients as they fall. Catch an incorrect one and you have to start over. Get as many as you can before time runs out.

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the problem here is that items fall randomly, so you can go for a long time without the item you need falling, and then it might be impossible to catch because the pan is huge and avoiding something that is close to the item you need is almost impossible. a good try, but it do it for me.

nice one

very interesting game you got here. i liked it more so because of the fact it was food-based considering i'm a cook myself. the audio in this one was pretty good, though a bit mellow. i think that a larger screen could've been better too, especially since some of the food items were a lot larger than others and the screen was a little bit compact.
overall, it was a pretty fun game, i liked this one.
good work on it.

well it was okay..

this game wasn't too bad. a little bit addicting. the sound got annoying after a short period of time though and i think it would have been better if you drew the fruits and vegetables yourself. i got angry at the fact that the falling items never seemed to be there when i needed them. like, i waited 25 seconds for cherries, they never came, and the game ended. maybe you could work on that? i dunno, but nice try overall.

Hüggÿ ß몮

half the time the things i needed didnt come down!!

so i got annoyed and went..... "close"

- Hüggÿ ß몮

((VOTED 4))

This was a very simple yet fun game. It was slightly challenging yet still fun. I wasnt very fond though of how everything was a picture ripped off the internet. Were you to lazy to draw it yourself. I mean you took the time to draw the people so mineswell do them.

EXTRA COMMENTS: DAMN these are weird combonations


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3.40 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2006
12:31 PM EDT
Skill - Collect