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Almost everybody has their own clock hate flash, even orange clock has one i think, so i figured it was time to give in to the urges and make one. So i did. The end product is a simple entertaining death simulation and i am happy with it. The music is lots, and if you like it, then im sure you know who the band is. If you really desperately want to know who one piece of music is, then write it in a review. Also, please let it be known that i do not hate the clocks, i am an official ally of them, just i think it is about time a worthy one of these is submitted. Ok. Bye Cheers and have fun.

Z!PSTYKE - Ally of the clocks

now has a preloader. all was going well, then i watched on the net, and i completely forgot... here it is now.

Re-Updated again now

The music at the end wasnt going good, for the credits and stuff. but now it is fixed... i hope



A pretty awesome idea I have to say!
The idea of making a salad with the clock crews was so simplistic and yet so ignored usually! No one has ever thought of this idea of putting Fruit (found in a salad which is a hint!) into one big dish, and I loved the fact you didn't miss that :)
Though I feel your messahge at the beginning was a little long it was a good thing you had a 'next option' so we could switch staight to one clock to massacre them if we pleased >:D I also loved the keyboard interactivity and the way of gameplay, a very original concept.

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i fought there's going to be more types of killing too : / especially when the W00TWAITADAMNSECONDMENG!-like screen appeared : &


That was absolutly great dude, this would be way up there if it was submitted now!, which tells you how well this has endured time, very well done and i loved the keyboard based actions it was simply awesome dude, you should be very happy with yourself about this one, because it really sticks out of your other work

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An anti clock flash made by a clock. seen it before but not like this.


Make it costumizable

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Oct 10, 2001
9:24 AM EDT
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