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Random Short Toons

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Author Comments

I havn't submited anything in a while so I decided to put together some random stuff I've been working on.

I'm not really expecting anything out of this I just kind of want to know how my animation skills are working out a bit.
Skater traced on menu:
Link to picture:
http://img115.imageshack. us/my.php?image=kickflipt obank4gv.jpg
Songs Include:
The Mad Capsule Markets - Pulse.
ACDC - Jailbreak.
1200 Techniques - Eye Of The Storm.
666 - Paradoxx.
Slipknot - Wait and Bleed.
And voice talents of:
Thanks for watching n' stuff.

Thanks again Good-and-Evil for me tracing your picture.
(Sorry for not getting permission though).

~ <3 Lachlan.

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gonna make a jaiiilllbreak...

nice random shit here dude, but i agree with superstatguy. u need to finish the whole video. i mean it doesnt make any sense with just the beginning piece; u need the whole thing. but anyway, awesome music, great graphics, all my 5s go to this and 10 stars. keep up the good work!


Never begin a music video without doing the whole song, especially if its AC/DC! FINISH THE JAILBREAK VIDEO IF YOU WANT ME OR ANYONE ELSE TO EVER GIVE THIS A 5+10!

Lochie responds:

Mmmm.. Caps..
It won't matter because I have submitted this already.
Mmmm.. Caps..

Daily cartoons

This has started out nice but hopefully you will continue this. The star syndicate has failed time and time again to put out worthwhile flash.

I liked the useful menus but I feel that one should be redirected to the main menu rather than having to click menu to get back the repitition gets boring.

Other than that each piece seems to showing artists of limitless potential.

Lochie responds:

I can be f'd continuing the cartoons. If I have random cartoons hanging around in my files. I put them together then submit.
I shall take your idea of a normal menu that is smooth.

Thank you for naming me an artist with limitless potential. that Made my day ;D


odd, one guy has the same username as me :/
what ever. okay flash.

Lochie responds:

And where is this person with the same username kept?

Great music, shitty quality =P

the music was a bit shit because of the quality, otherwise all up good graphics, the skateboarding scene saved you for the style =P and everything else was just sick, good work dude keep it up

Lochie responds:

I thought you ment shitty quality of the animation xD. Yeah skate for life bro! Now Secks me up xD I know you want to Lostie.

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2006
6:08 AM EDT

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