PinkyTA Epilogue2:Journey

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Author Comments

This is part two of a short little epilogue for my webcomic (Pinky TA) storyline (there are 3 parts). You might find it a bit slow and booring, but I felt it was right for the feeling of the story. This one has a particulary hazy, lazy, dreamy feel, especially the camel scene. It's just a short animation to music, don't expect action.

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Nothing happened

The graphics were good but the animation was slow, repeditive and you could easily see where the frames start and end. Increse the frame rate to 26 frames per second (TV quality). The sound is also repeditive. Put in a couple of different sounds so to not to make it sound boring. Now, nothing happened in that ep. Just that girl riding the camels and a car driving. it was was too long, repedetive and boring. And you should've put all the movies into one file rather than 3.

The keyword is: Action

You're great when it comes to graphics. But please, put a story into it. Make something happen. Make people want to see the next episode.

( *_* )

Constructive Critisism.
Make everything a bit shorter. That's it. Just make the parts not drag on forever, it just takes the cool out of it.
Other than that, I thought it was very good, keep up the good work.

too damn slow

The whole thing develop too slowly, we loose interest rapidly. The repetitive sounds get a bit annoying.

But great drawing...

Again, intriguing.

But all I saw was a chick on a camel and a guy in a car. You've got to give us more than that.

Again, the graphics were great but this one didn't seem to contribute anything to the story. I'm still holding out hope for part three though, so come on, bring it home.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2006
11:04 PM EDT
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