Super Soviet Corn Smash

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Author Comments

Thanks for the front page Tom...
Some of you may have some questions... No, I am not a Newgrounds staff member, no this is not Tom Fulp, and no this is not a joke. My buddy really does suck this much at "Super Soviet Missile Mastar" created by The Behemoth. I just thought I ought to let the world know.

Strawberry Clock finally goes naked and the sun starts shining behind the magnificent Corn Smash logo. Also, Captain Corn Smash shows off a new video of his buddy, Colonel Peanut Blast playing some Super Soviet Mastarness! Hilarity ensues. The music is entitled "Captain Corn Smash's Little Ditty" recorded and performed by the reknowned Mike Kleine "just" for this piece.

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Ha he does suck

Dude he sucks I mean I donamate in that AWESOME game.


I like this.

You do suck at that game!

And so did that flash! In fact, it wasn't even flash, it was just you showing off your "talent" in some random arcade game. I've written a review for this before, but it occurred to me that this flash (next to Metal f*ck ac!d) was too horrible to let live, and so here I am again. Cheerio.

Scribbler responds:

I wasn't the one playing, and no, I was showing off my friend's talent in some random ass arcade game created by the Behemoth which consists of a couple members from Newgrounds... Tis very site; gee, what a coincidence. Ah well, no rest for the wicked I guess.


Who exactly are you trying to piss off

It was a crappy movie, granted, but it doesn't really matter to me at all that it was on the front page. I wouldn't put it there, but then I'm not tom fulp. I just don't understand who Tom is trying to piss off here because it seems totally rediculous that anyone would get even remotely pissed off by this.

Scribbler responds:

The reaction you had to this movie should be placed on a pedestal for all to see. Quite a fine example to set my lad. Thank you.

Bout time!!!!!!!!!

I finally get to see a flash movie made by a Newgrounds Staff member!!!!!!!!!! It was kinda funny but it's all good. U did pretty good considering the fact that ur part of the Staff. :)

Scribbler responds:

I am not a part of the Newgrounds staff and this “technically” was not a flash movie although it did have some sweet footage of a GREAT game.

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3.23 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2006
1:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Original