LW - Halloween 2006

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Alright, this is a submission for the Halloween contest. Have fun, and happy halloween!

The voices suck, obviously, because of my shameful microphone and shameful(er) voice acting skills. But even though the sound suck and the tweening's really lazy and cheap, i'm still gonna leave it up. It's still pretty funny, right? ... Right?!?

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Better than any other 13 year old I've seen

Being a 13 year old my self, i know that this is at a good standard for your age, and I now know that the morons in my school who can't be bothered to pay for flash and spend all lunch times in the IT room drawing stick men have no chance what so ever!

littlewarrior responds:

Thanks man! I will definitly do alot more sound tests before I submit my next flash... Cursed sound... IT? Nevermind... Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!

Could have been a whole lot better!

No offense but the sound sucked! It was good but if it weren't fer those subtitles, I would not have understood a thing they said!!
Sorry but I don't approve.

littlewarrior responds:

Yeah I know, the voices suck hard! But that's because I used... 1. A sucky Microphone!
2. Had to lower the quality
3. I;m no voice actor...
Thanks for the review :P!

[Insert witty title here]

Why is this scoring such a low score? This flash was GREAT.
Anyway, I'm giving you 5/5 and 8/10.

Graphics: It's okay, although some line differentiating could make it better.

Style: A little bit too much tweening for my tastes, and the shrinking chainsaw seems a little bit lazy.

Sound: The music pieces overlap each other, causing a few seconds of acoustic madness, and someimes causing a few seconds of silence. And even when soft, the voicing is clear. (However, I have hyperacusis) I even managed to make out some of the senseless rambling.

Also, good choices of music.

Violence: Even there was no graphic violence, sound effects and imagery makes for very vivid gory pictures in my head.

Humor: It's very funny. A sadistic funny.

P.S: It's SEVEN years bad luck, not 13.

littlewarrior responds:

7 years?!? For real?!? ... Huh... Who would've thought it? You just HAD to mention the chainsaw... It was either that or it came out of nowhere... :D They overlap? I thought that only happened on replay!!! Cursed replay...


IT WAS PRETTY FUNNY. wtf did the zombie do to the girl. that was crazy. very good job


this is ok...it was funny, good movie, good idea.

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3.28 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2006
4:57 PM EDT
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