Frax's World Ep. 4

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The 4'th one, Enjoy


two were

+++ Clear voices

++ distinguished accent for character#1

++ I like the background

---- 'story' was kinda dull and though I wasn't 100% sure what was gonna happen, the way it panned out would've been high on my list of guesses.

-- Why the comment about DS? Makes little sense in the context.

- thin lines and shapes for mouth don't go too well with main style.

- Why only one arm for char 1?

- Kinda bad positioning of 'shoulders'.

After #1, these two were a disappointment. Kinda boring. Hope the series picks up again later on.

Still Needs work (yep I'm back)

Better then yesterday at least.. You still need work and a bit of a longer plot.. your animation style has potential but you dont seem to be useing it to your advantage very well by giveing it a bad plot.

Oh BTW you can be Sued for useing real video gameing icons/parfila/insigma ext. so you might wanna change some things or not do that anymore if this becomes worth while ever.

Your tring to make a series, youve probly already got some fan's. heres a few tip's I think you might find helpful:

1.Give your chareters names
2.Add a longer plot
3.Add a starter setting (such as the house in this episode, make that the place where they start in every episode and then have them somehow wind up in other places if thats where the particular episode takes them).
4.i was being sarcastic yesterday, dont classify people and dont take Opiouns on things (such as likeing a particuler movie/video games system/T.V. show ext. Over another becuse it will make people hate you.

Frax responds:

Thnx for this helpful review.
My next episode has a much better plot, i'm also working on an introduction of Frax's world, one of my characters will lead you trough the city etc ....

Cya soon... I hope :)

Was a little funny

I liked the style a lot though. The simple shapes without borders looked really clean and nice. However, I'm a PSP fan over the DS. Lol.

Funny how my "loyalties" go... I'm an xbox 360 fan over the others, I hate intel processors (AMD FTW), I'm PSP over DS (Personally I think they should make an XBP (xbox portable :D), but I loved N64 back in the day!

Oh well.

Frax responds:

i have a psp :)
once had a DS but it sucked :p

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Oct 15, 2006
1:12 PM EDT
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