Real Tournament ep.1

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6 Months for hard work (yeah sure...xD)
Mine third flash movie.
I hope you like it. FIXED BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now sounds works and music don't stop too early.


It was epic.

Aren't you gonna make part 2? Also, could you please tell me what one of the easter eggs are (the reviewer below me already mentioned two of them)?

Woot woot, spoiler!!

Wow awesome totally kick ass, can't w8 to see the next one. But now spoiler time. Info on two Easter Eggs (outa 3). First right after Zero tells Megaman the boss, click and hold down on Megaman and he shows this (Zero + Samus = XXX) XD!!! Then when Samus comes click on her and she will say What Are You Doing (somewhere around there). If you don't like spoilers, to bad you shouldn't have read this when it clearly tells you of a spoiler!! NOT MY PROB!

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cant wait for the next one

good show relly entertaining liked the spirites you used

mario vs zero what a miss match

great, but about lloyd, kratos and colette...

there sprites, to me seemed a little bit small, they were also moving a bit too quickly, it may just be my computer, but i don't know... not saying that ur movie was bad or anything, don't get me wrong, it was amazing
just those two problems sort of distracted me from the movie

Best pre-loader ever!

Just for the I voted 5!

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3.41 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2006
11:09 AM EDT
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