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Bants Ninja Wars

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Author Comments

This Movie is so great, a high quality movie made by Erwin S. Bantilan from Bantilan Entertainment. The effects is so great and see some of my Games and Movie soon .. watch it now....

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not bad

it was an alright animation.... but way too short. i think that this one could've done better had it been longer, especially since you did put a good effort into this one. oh well, good luck on your next flash.

Well animated

Some impressive animation techniques, and good use of the Flash 8 filters.

First bad point - your description is terrible. Sorry but you should never call your own movie great, it comes across as arrogant and will result in people blamming for the sake of it.

Second - The intro is appalling. The digitized voice is crap and it goes on for too long. I can see people stopping watching and blamming before the movie is even started.

But when the movie starts it gets pretty good. Blurring is used to great effect for motion, and I like your shadows too. Pretty decent physics too, something uncommon in stick movies like this.

I only gave graphics a 6 because I don't expect most of the graphics took long to draw, it's only how they are animated that makes the movie look good. I wouldn't put the simple graphics as a criticism though, as it works well.


where ...

need a button to stop and reply this movie...but i like the concept..nice!!

It's cool!

It a pretty good stick-movie although you need to improve your motion tweening (check out their hands...)

Graphics were sticks...
Style was killing fun! (good)
Sounds were awesome
Violence was killing fun! (good)
Humor funny in some parts.

Overall: good movie! keep that up and make a longer one!