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Chaos Trick-Or-Treating

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Now on YouTube
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=yebDfI3n1_A

Thanks Golden Fox for hosting it on your website, I appreaciate.

I changed my mind about Santa Chao, I've got better ideas, besides it wouldn't be that good.

I working on another movie with those chaos, It's a christmas movie, and it's gonna be called Santa Chao, and if you enjoyed that you'll enjoy Santa chao.

Movie Edits:I've made the menu, sorry I changed my mind about the new scenes,And I had to delete the special thanks so I'm gonna have to say them here, special thanks: Newgrounds, My cousin for the microphone, and whoever watches it to the end.

Wow the score is getting lower :( that's why I'm working on a menu with scene select for you to skip scenes you don't like, and some new scenes(Not in the movie, on menu only.) but it's not ready yet but I'm working on it.

Movie edits:At credits I gave credits for Greg the lion for making spear chaos, and Ren & Stimpy's creator for the happy happy joy joy song.

I would like to thank you all that gave me good votes,Thank you so much Tom for collection I thought it was gonna be crap like my other movie, but it worked YAY!

People please, this is my SECOND movie, do you expect me to be like Randy Solem?

My entry for the halloween contest, and a sonic movie.
I worked 3 weeks on that I know it doesn't look so that's becuase I'm noob, sorry for the crappy voices, this is the first time I use my microphone, please make suggestions on the reviews.

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Knucklzy: Happy happy joy joy...
Soniky : III0.0

poor sonic chao he deserves amy chao

i like it funny and creative i give 5 stars ill like to give then i we can


i dont get what was going on and whats with that silly song? the chaos vois gamve me a head ake

AWEOSME but dude.

they are called chao, not chaos's