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Resident Kirby Outbreak

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UPDATE: Resident Kirby Outbreak 2 is on NG right now, please go watch it!

Kirby and company journey into a haunted mansion and King Boo wants to kill them! Why? That will be revealed un future episodes! Anyway, this is my third flash movie, enjoy!

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Luigi, Kirby, we need to help survivors, and we can help the dead people by finding a formula that can bring them completely back to life. 0:)

Poor Sonic

Sonic D= Kirby sword haven't got a sword....?
Excuse me for my bad english

lol ^^

was anyone else expecting a lazer when mario said HES CHARGING!!

nice ..but

I liked the parody of the intro to CBFD
i was working on a simlar sequence with one of my characters but now if I did it id be accused of copying
and the flash movie

Budj responds:

No you wouldn't. You can make one if you want to.

oh my :3

You know, I always love finding an older sprite movie that's just a simple comedy and aspires to be nothing else. Sprite comedies are a dying genre, you know. And since Kirby is my favorite video game character, and I'm also a huge Resi Fan, I didn't hesitate to hit the play button.

Though I gotta say, the title was very misleading. Like another reviewer said, this would be better named Resident Gaming Outbreak. If there were no Sonic, then it'd be a Nintendo Outbreak. But hey, Kirby is too cool to be left out of the title.

I really liked the CBFD Intro parody. Very clever. I also caught a lot of CBFD sound effects. That game was a big part of my childhood. I'm not going to tell you how to improve because this was made several years ago and you've already learned from your mistakes.

I nearly died when Kirby loaded the AK...and threw it at the zombie. Then I felt sad when weegee died. :(