Introducing The Emo's 2

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NOTE: Be sure to watch pass the credits for our hate mail review!

Part 2 to this series about Emo people. This time see what is in store for Martin, Phillip and the depressed kid. Enjoy the second installment of Introducing the Emo's 2.



So / So

First off, Emos... just kill urselves already instead of telling everyone ur gonna kill urselves and expect them to feel bad or something...
ANYWAY! Good flash, ok animation, not such a big fan of gay emos kissing (Btw: Emos, dont feel emotion THEREFOR! Cannot kiss... Biological problem XD) It was funny and stuff... (BTW Again: Emos dont wear pink) But beside those 2 problems, it was a good flash.


to all of those goddamn emos out there who are crying and cutting themselves over this... PUT THE GODDAMN KNIFE DOWN! ok, first off... suck it up: so what youve got a bad life? roll with it... in fact most emos dont even have that bad of lives.... second, EMO IS NO A CULTURE A SUBCULTURE OR ANYTHING!!! EMo is just another fad taht people are doing to be popular or different.. . if someone is socially insecure they raid their sisters room for eye liner and jeans..

anyways what im saying is that this is an excellent flash and i think you should keep up the good work. and all of the fags who dont like it because it bashes emos... well they just need to shove some razorblades up their asses...

-Gibson W. Roberts

Give it up

Great flash, all these people are just being stupid cause it's a contraversial issue.....

Ya Know...

I like your artwork, and the voices are great too, but this flash just wasn't funny. It's not even that the whoal "emo" thing is played out, it is that this just isin't funny. In future cartoons, you really should focus on creating more origional concepts and humor than relying on a previouisly played-out topic.

Hope you do better in the future.


So alot of ass clowns have said alot about this cartoon. I personaly hate "emotive" music and the sub culture that is trying to spawn from these whiney fucking talentless bitches.

I think a cleaver subtle approach(which is for pussies), is not to be used here. instead just going out and telling things how most of us really see it is what I liked about this.

Personaly working at a cd store and just living ,I've had more then my share of running across many emos and almost puked at the sight of guys kissing and seeing dudes all dolled up in makeup and literaly wearing girls jeans was to say the very least blinding. Some of you may get off on that, and if you live in california well you probably arn't emo and still do that.

So to the masses that have bashed this and defend your low talent and highly emotional tampon rock, life sucks for everyone but deal with it like a man and get a fucking sense of humor and stop crying.

And Long live metal!

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2006
8:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Original