Planet Fall part 1

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A W40k movie I have been working on for some time. I have posted it in the forums as The invasion but that names been taken so i decided to change the name. Hope you all enjoy.

Sorry about it being so short.

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...You have talent. I'm a huge fan of W40K (can't you tell? *points to username*) and this is the best one I've seen so far. If only you had made it longer.
I gave this 5. Please make another one.

TheDread responds:

Wow, tks ill try to get back to work on it when i finish my more recent projects

Really good...

But really short.

Ok, i guess

I my self am a 40K fan, although im a Tau boy. and it is good from a flash point of veiw. But, due to my addiction to 40K i have to point out several things, 1) thunderhawks aren't that big, neither are rhions, 2)in all the fluff, it is said to take one of those ships to deploy enough marines to take a world so unless them is heritics and that is holy terra then the image is wrong, 3)I'm a pedantic sorry lil man with bad spelling and no life. but good work though.

TheDread responds:

Well i know they are not the proportinal size of the models. but i could only fit 1 marine model into the rhino i have so i decided instead of making it model size i would make it proportianaly larger than the space marine model.


it seems like you had a great start and idea.
graphics where good but needed a lil work.
I think that you needed to state that this was part 1 in the beginning of the flash regardless of the title.
and maybe not such an abrupt ending without knowing what it's even remotely about.

TheDread responds:

Well the abrubt ending would be because it wasnt originaly going to be the ending. I just felt that i needed to submit it so i could work on some flashes im making for school. Well thanks for reviewing it at least.

Good stuff!

I myself am a pretty big warhammer fan, the marines were well drawn, kudo's. I look forward to the next installment.

TheDread responds:

Thanks, yeah i spent a long time on the marines because i did this with a mouse and im not a very good drawer but practice makes perfect. =)

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4.61 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2006
12:46 PM EDT
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