Quest for a Flash

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What I (or some other flash creators) have to gho through in order to create a flash of their own!
this is my largest most badass movie ever! Been working in it for probably 1 month, but the the actors took their extra month to send their voices! LOL

Sorry the sound quality is so crappy! My mic started recording so low, that I had to amplify the sound for at least a 600% rate! so please take that into consideration when rating. I really tried my best to increase quality.

It has stick, windows, sim dates and sprite satires!



Nicely done a little boring i thougt.... but thats just my opinion

CcXD responds:

Dude! I appreciate all feedback! even if its a tough critic!


I did enjoy this very much.

It was very personal and most flash artists could relate too.

It had many different styles of humor, so I enjoyed it.

PLease make more in a similar style.

I hope this makes front page (hopefully I don't hope in vain)

CcXD responds:

Nah, Im no legendary frog, so front page seems a lil bit too far away. Im just glad u liked it ^^

This flash animation about making a flash..

This video was very different. I liked it but lose interest in it at some points. The voices wernt the greatest, but whos are. The friend talked like a steriotypical boring english teacher :P. but i gave you an overall 7

CcXD responds:

Probably the main reason for that is that Im not a native english speaker... LOL v^.^

Nice try

I highly suggest getting better sound quality, because the grainy disorted sounds take a bit away, expecally from all the voices, which I think could use alittle more inprovement with voice acting. Only other problem is that some of your subtitles are mis-spelled. It's a pretty decent flash if ya get around those problems.

CcXD responds:

Im working on that, Ill check the spelling and update the file. Thanks for the feedback.

Nice idea, poor execution.

Voices are too quiet and bland. Animation's often lazy and non-existant at times but the art is ok. Lengthy enough to watch, but there are far better ones out there. Plus, your spelling sucks ass.

CcXD responds:

I know... sound is really crappy, i know... I tried my best to fix it.

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3.20 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2006
7:16 PM EDT
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