ludas animans Ep. 7

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[3/06/2008 BLOG UPDATE]
[2/28/2008 BLOG UPDATE]

Before you watch it, MAKE SURE THE QUALITY IS SET TO LOW. If it isn't put it on low, the blur effects will look really crappy if the movie is set on medium or high. Plus some of the backgrounds have animations, and they could cause some serious choppy or laggy animation.

Seems like another year has passed doesn't it? Anyway, episode 7 is here. I wanted to release this episode last month, but I couldn't sadly. I did finish the actual animation of the episode on the 30th of September, though. The sound integration phase took place on the first week of October. The second week I spent doing the menus, adding the buttons, tweaking animation, proofreading all the text several times over, and altering text so that it makes more sense; essentially the finishing touches.

The episode would have been released a couple days earlier but there were several problems present when I made the swf. The problem I found was that the text for the first half of the episode was completely invisible. I found that odd since I could read it just fine when actually making the episode. The text properties were odd, though, because I couldn't alter it in any way. Every option was greyed out. So I couldn't bold it, italicize it, fade it, animate it, etc. For the second half of the episode, I could alter the text and that text actually showed up in the swf. I remember making that possible with a-xir's preloader. The text in his preloader was the type of text I normally use when making ludas animans so I copy pasted the text for that into my episode halfway into its production. So I don't know what was up with the text in the beginning half.

Either way I had to go back and change every text object in the first half of the episode to the text I used in the second half. That took about two days...

Another weird glitch I found in the episode is that in certain scene transitions, the mega buster sound effect plays for absolutely no reason. I tried to locate the problem but couldn't really find it, so I tried to muffle those

instances a bit. You still hear it occassionally, but it cuts off quickly. When you watch the whole episode through, you don't hear it much, but if skip around using the scene select you'll hear it a lot more... *sighs*

This isn't really a problem per say, but I think I kind of dropped the ball on the final action sequence. For a scene like that to work, you need multiple camera angles. Since that's an impossiblity with sprites, it isn't as good as I wanted it to be. I'm kinda disappointed in it, actually. Bah!

I think that's all I have to say. I really wanted to release this episode before Tales of the Abyss came out,

because I know I would be playing that game non stop (immensely enjoyed the JPN version) and neglect the release of this episode, but I somehow managed to finish it anyways. Hope you like the episode...

P.S. Thanks for the preloader, a-xir!

Approximately 19 minutes 5 seconds (depends on your reading speed)
20 FPS
12545 total frames
Frame Size 619 x 362
108 Sounds
Made with Swish Max

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Episode 8

So then, any idea when you'll have episode 8 ready? Lookin forward to seein more of this.

KNanakase responds:

11/8/2007 11:12am

I honestly don't know. I've been seriously neglecting it these past few weeks. I do want to finish it before the year is over, though. If I can do that, however, is another story.


The action scene plays out perfectly in my mind, but actually animating it seems like such a impossible task because of how much there is supposed to going on at once. The scope of it just puts me off from working on it, and it disappoints me because I already have episode 9's premise in my mind and want to start working on it, but I can't yet.

Anyways, thanks for the coments, and I'm happy you like the series!


I havw watched the entire series and i only have one thing to say: fuckin a.This is one of the greates works i have ever seen posted on newgrounds. the animation and music are excellent, and the fact that i recognize most of it is another highpoint.Ludas Animans deserverves a place in the newgrounds hall of fame...or something like that.I wish it were a gam, this is so freakin awsome.I hope there is an ending to the Ludas Animans epic, because i can't wait to seen the climatic finaleto this awsome serise. Peace, i'm out.

KNanakase responds:

9/23/2007 12:35pm

I'm happy you enjoy the series and it's always great to have a new fan. Due to ludas animans' general obscurity, I don't think it will ever be in newgrounds' collection or series sections. It'd be an honor if it was, though.

Yet more amazing improvements!

I can't believe it took me this long to finally see episode seven of Ludas Animans--You have done an INCREDIBLE job, KNanakase! Your scene timing has improved tremendously, as well as the flow of your dialogue... And as usual, the story is a blood-pumping romp of trademark "Badassity" that this community has come to expect--in fact seek specifically--of Ludas Animans!

How far you have come... I only wish that this story could be spread to a wider audience. It would warm my heart if I could've viewed this on TV or, heck, even bought merchandise, spin-off novels; this is the kind of production that makes me want to BELIEVE in the story, and I can't tell you how much it means to me to have had this tremendous opportunity to observe this excellent tale as far as I have. I'm positive that the influential impact of Ludas Animans will remain in my heart for the rest of my life.

Thank you for weaving this legendary story!

Wow, Grade-A

Wow, I'm truly impressed. For someone working on his own and making such a big series, its pretty remarkable. I started writing something of my own that could be like a series, but sadly I can't make animations or sprites or anything of the sort. Regardless, I look forward to your next installment.

Great stuff.

Still one of the best sprite movies I have seen.

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3.77 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2006
4:33 PM EDT
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