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Cleanor, the cleaning robot, tries his hardest to rid the lab hallways of all dust and grime. However, with a dust bunny around, that cleanliness isn't going to last.

Cleanor, the robot in this short, is actually a character in my online comic "Synthea". I decided to use Cleanor instead of her as part of an experiment in animating. This was pretty much a success, so I hope that she will star in one of her own soon.

Until then, enjoy!


cool one

a bit short and i had almost no idea what the robot was saying, but the character was very original, pretty cool and was fun to watch. the whole concept was pretty good too. i didn't like the fact that it was short, but it was still a good animation, nice character and it was fun to watch.

Don't care what....

peeps think of sound bro.Truth is it's different and it can easily be understood(depending on the machine one is using),very innovative and different...and thats not a bad thing.

Pretty Good

Hey i liked the concept and everything, but the sound was killing me.

Work on a different voicing, one that we can actually understand and hear clearly, and doesn't ruin the ears. If you like the voice, try and put in subtitles por favor, ok?

This would make a great series

yeah, the sound kinda got to me.It didnt really pick up until the very end.To tell you the truth, i would give this a real low score, were for it not for the REALLY funny ending!Work a little on sound, and try to include funnier parts earlier, some people are impatient, and won't watch the whole thing if they arent interested right away.good job though.
"dang, i thought i was catching dinner again" XD


I liked it. Something I've never seen before. Finally.
The sound was a bit hard to hear, and it got a little annoying, but that was about it.
Uhh, mediocre ending. I can't explain how. Just seemed a little... poor.

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3.31 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2006
7:01 PM EDT
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