String Avoider: Deluxe

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String Avoider: Deluxe, Presented by
Ighor "fwe" Smiliansky,
Kurtis "Insignia" Rainford

Make your way into the end Zones of 30 new levels in the next installment of String Avoider!

Presented by Armor Games!

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I was actually quite surprised at how fun this was. That one level is the fourth one or fifth or something like that. I really appreciated how cute everything was. The nice little sounds really made it here. It's not the most innovative, but still good. You really don't know what to expect next in the levels.

30 levels certainly seems like a lot. While it isn't that well detailed, I do like all the colors and stuff. Not a great game, but definitley a good one. It's pretty fun to just look at. I know to avoid scissors.


i cant get past level 2


I like this game, but its way too hard. It's very addicting but i just cant get past level 7! And there's no time to practice on it and get better because i keep running out of lives. What i would like is a way to earn more lives, possibly by doing a stage fast or maybe have them actually in the level.

Simple, but hard.

In depth, right? I got to the 7th level three or four times and I just can't justify continued play. It's string, and that's cool, and it does cool string things like try to straighten itself out, which makes it so you have to take wide turns. Ultimately, it's just way too hard. If there were a 'deathmeter' instead of lives that run out and I have to restart the whole thing, then I'd keep playing. But I can't justify wasting 5 minutes to get to the Egypt level just to waste 3 minutes not succeeding on it.


Addicting, challenging, different and fun

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3.39 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2006
6:40 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid