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The Trial - Prosecution

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Here begins Briget's trial for the murder of Dr. Raleigh. The Trial is in five parts. This is the first part which is a movie of the Prosecutor making his case against her.


For all intents and purposes....

I understand that you want to make a living off of animation, but as the aforementioned posts claim your approach is horrendous. Looking at your animations I can see that you can infer human nature very well, how did you not foresee the kind of public reaction you would get for pulling such a stunt on devoted fans of your series? I too spent hours enjoying your work, but now the appreciation for the devotion and effort you put into it is overshadowed by your subversive approach to make money. I am at fault as well for not looking at your site before viewing the series, however if you were placed in my situation would you have acted differently?. I give your series a 10/10 because it deserves it well, and I even understand your need to fund such projects. But one thing must be said;
If you believe that the only reason you are entitled to such elaborate funding is because of the hard work and resource(including the payment of any voice actors that may have assisted you) I recommend you watch the littleFoot series, because what he has made is of no charge to his fans, and for that we love him.
Sadly I won't be seeing the end of this series, it's a shame really, for you have created a work of art, and true art is meant to be enjoyed not marketed...

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good to see more here on NG ^_^
good as always but man i cant wait to see who the killer is

Blind Justice, Unbalanced Law, and Execution

In this story, it tells us that many law related to justice have been blinded by government, politians, and powerful people in society. The strong monitors the weak, was always repeated over and over in history. As the results, the law is always unbalanced, and the weak people in society never really have a chance to stand out and talk. Most of the executions and punishments were turned onto the weak ones. As a lawyer for justice, it is your duty to save the innocent weak from the powerful crimes. In this game, Bridget is obviously a liar, but she is innocent, that's for sure. One thing you should know is that as long as people is innocent, it is the duty for criminal lawyer of justice to save her from the powerful richmen, Rolf Klink, who have too much to do with this murder case, but due to his richness and power in society, no one dare to stand out against him. That is the main topic for this negotiation game, I think... By the way, it's not right for us to tell the author to release all the episodes for free, because he also needs to earn some money. Well, who don't want to earn more money? We just hope that author is willing to set out the whole episode in "The Trail". :)


I have been waiting for so long for this moment. But what did angie mean by " he will strike again "? Does that mean that if you find out the killer he gets ya? another twist!exciting!!!!


I must say im very impressed. It took me a while to get the story but in the end it makes sense. good job =]

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2006
3:36 PM EDT