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The Trial - Prosecution

rated 3.58 / 5 stars
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Oct 12, 2006 | 3:36 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Here begins Briget's trial for the murder of Dr. Raleigh. The Trial is in five parts. This is the first part which is a movie of the Prosecutor making his case against her.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Loved this series. I'm just as confused as prometheus though about the plot


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i agree with zeldafreak

zeldafreak701 is irght it is a very good movie and if u missed som episodes you can basically catch up on all the info here


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow!! This Game is soooo FUN and exciting!!!!! im suprised that this game has such a low rating! To those people who rate this game extremely low is obviously a dumbass who has no brains at all! I mean i finished this game in less 10 minutes! and i didn't cheat either by reading other reviews or something like that! I mean Come on how could u not love this game???? Anyhow to people who said they could only ask like two questions before getting the judge to say u have a bad defense, OBVIOUSLY U ARENT ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!!!!! USE UR COMMON SENSE!!!

U have to ask THE RIGHT QUESTIONS to set up ur defense!!!!! Here are the game run through for those DUMBASSES who said they cant finish the game!!!!! Well ur first witness is Bridget's grandma. However DONT ask the OBVIOUS question!!! which is the first one which was asking her if she had seen Bridget take off her bracelet!

U HAVE TO ASK THE SECOND QUESTION/CHOICE. Ask Grandma what she did the day of the murder August 21,2002!! After this u ask Grandma if she locks the door when she goes out! FOURTH QUESTION/CHOICE! u will see why i chose that question! THen after that u have to ask Grandma if someone could have stolen the bracelet and broke into her house!!! SECOND QUESTION/CHOICE. now ull see Angie tell u that ure pretty smart because u just planted the idea in the jury that someone ELSE PLANTED THE BRACELET! ok after this u have to ask Grandma who she was referring to as the creep! FIRST CHOICE! Ask Grandma why she described MR Klink as a creep! SECOND CHOICE!! U then have to caution grandma that MR Klink is a respected community pillar! SECOND CHOICE! Then ask grandma what kind of gifts Mr Klink gave Bridget! THIRD CHOICE!! now Angie would congradulate u of ur break through and now u will question Dr Russel. Ask Dr Russel to explain the report! FIRST CHOICE!!! then ask him the THIRD QUESTION!!! ask dr russel to summarize Angie's concerns! SECOND CHOICE!!!! Ask Dr Russel if anyone else had access to her computer besides him! SECOND CHOICE!!! now ull find out an interesting twist in the plot! Ask Dr Russell if Det.Crabtree had threatened Angie about her report. SECOND CHOICE!!!

now its Bridget's turn to answer ur questions!

Ask Bridget if she taped dynamite to Ted and splattered beet juice all over the walls! FIRST CHOICE!!! Then ask her how she was able to strap the dynamite on her without him resisting! Third CHOICE!!
Then CHOOSE THE FIRST CHOICE!! Now u ask the judge for a ten minute recess to consult ur client about ur tatics which ull find another twist in the plot! FIRST CHOICE!! now Choose THE FIRST CHOICE!!! which is say nothing and hope the judge will give u a moment to discuss ur strategy. now ask bridget who gave her the Paxwic and dynamite! SECOND CHOICE!!! Ask Bridget what kind of friend had access to Paxwic and dynamite! THIRD CHOICE! Now u play a little game with Bridget and ask her whos more resourceful than u who finished second in law school and can complete a sunday crossword in less than two hours! THIRD CHOICE!! now CHOOSE THE THIRD CHOICE which is laugh and tell her she's not as smart as she thinks! Now knock her off balance by saying u are two steps away from checkmate! THIRD CHOICE!!!! Now say to the judge no u have no more questions but u would like to add a new witness which is Det. Crabtree! SECOND CHOICE!!!!!

There u have it THE END AND TO BE CONTINUED.......... Hope the people who didnt get this game the first time around i hope ull get it now! Sorry for calling the ppl who didnt get this a dumbass but just put a little bit mor effort in this game next time before reserving judgement! I hope i didnt miss any parts of this game but if i did then NEVER GO FOR THE MOST OBVIOUS AND DIRECT questions! IT DOESNT WORK for some cases anyhow! Hope ull get it this time! Good luck! Damn my fingers hurt from typing soo much! ok see ya! oh yea i rated 0 for violence cuz there was no violence in this game :P hope u can comment on my profile........ ok ill be quiet now bye!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

another fantastic ambition series

although michael has already read my reviews of the trial, including that of part 3, it might be useful for NG to hear what i have to say.

first of all, i am very surprised that most people seem to be writing negative reviews. this is only because i, personally, having played all portions of the game shortly following their releases, was enthralled by the trial. admittedly, the storyline is not as interesting in the first part as it is in many other portions of ambition (in my opinion), since bridget's mother has a lot less information than some of the other witnesses. nonetheless, i found the storyline of the whole of the trial to be delightful, as with most of michael's work, and the gameplay to be interesting and difficult throughout.

although it does not directly relate to the gameplay, i notice that a fair number of people are criticizing the game due to the fact that it is necessary to pay $5 to see the ending. this is an unfortunate fact of life. i, myself, have not spoken to michael but i believe that he intends to make part 3 free for all to play when he releases part 4, and to do the same for all subsequent parts. in this manner, the trial will eventually be playable for free, whether from newgrounds or from michael's site. there is also a common misconception that the ending can be accessed from michael's site for paying customers. this is not true. those that wish to pay $5 to see part 3 may do so, but parts 4 and 5 of the trial have not yet been released; as a result the ending is not yet open to the public. i will not leave any spoilers in this review, but anybody who would like information on the plotline can send me a private message.

i would also encourage those of you who enjoyed the trial for its plotline and difficulty in negotiation to join michael's site in order to play part 3 and the remainder of his negotiation games, most of which are outstanding.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

it was good

Good story so far, it wouldn't let me click to question the witness.

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