The Trial - Prosecution

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Here begins Briget's trial for the murder of Dr. Raleigh. The Trial is in five parts. This is the first part which is a movie of the Prosecutor making his case against her.


Another fantastic interactive story from the utter genious that Michael Gibson is.


I find it very disturbing that a few years ago some episodes throughout the series were not free on the zapdramatic website, and now today everything BUT the end of the trial is. This Michael Gibson is evil.

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your sick

luring us with your evil hell. you created seemingly great flash games which took along time then all this time untill you get to the end to realize that you can even see the ending. your using human curiosity to get money for such a hard worked on game. and that is the sickest thing ive ever seen in my life. but i forgive you. if you still have an ounce of humanity left inside you, youl put the ending up on NG.

Let me tell you something. I am the CEO of a movie production website. I work LONG to create things to put up on it. Wether its a movie, cartoon, or game. I have never, nor will i ever, charge a single cent for entertainment. you know why? because people shouldnt have to pay for their entertainment. your one of the billions of people out there who think they can raid the defenseless public of their money and dignity. well ive got news for you. my productions company has always been, is, and will always be free of charge. dont complain to me that youve "invested SUCH hard work and all im asking is $5" Well ive invested hard work too but it still doesnt make it right. maybe some day the end will be on NG.

Justin Quiroz
-Bloody Knife Productions CEO

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I wish i could actually play! The game wouldn't work when I pressed "part one"!!! I love your games. I don't think it's fair that you don't have us playing the complete series. The rest of the games, you have to pay 5$ on your site. Since I can't even play the game, your score is 0

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Button to start the trail doesn't work

This looks like an awesome game however,the button to start your portion of the trial does not work, the replay button to hear what the prosecutor had to say does work but as i stated the button for the defense does not work, ill def be trying out the link below.

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2006
3:36 PM EDT