The Trial - Prosecution

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Here begins Briget's trial for the murder of Dr. Raleigh. The Trial is in five parts. This is the first part which is a movie of the Prosecutor making his case against her.


The Ambition Series is The Room of flash animations. The dialogue is so convoluted and ridiculous, and characters are all unlikable, the main guy is borderline unintelligible, and despite an obscene amount of flaws, I have to continue playing it out of sheer enjoyment at the absurdity of it all.

This last part was at least better animated than others, even if Bridget still had that creepy wink. The fact that we had to defend her despite her feeling like the guilty party the whole time felt off though, and Angie's Ghost? really? Plus, the prosecutor's echo was just weird. I do like how all the previous episodes seemed to tie in here, though that was overly the case.

I hate how it's a cliffhanger though, which this being the last flash you uploaded here, and I hate how you didn't even get to make any choices. Then again, this does mean that the dialogue makes the most sense in this flash by a mile.

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The only reason I'd recommend to one to play this game, would be that alot of time was spent on making this.
However, unless you are in a gaming company, no amount of time could ever make this style of game to everybody's liking.
Graphics - 7, were pretty good. Not the best.
Style - 7. have a ghost to guide you?
Sound - 5, sounds aren't working on my computer right now, so I gave it a middle mark.
Violence - 2, Not much violence, you just see a dude with a bomb around his waist, and a dead body.
Interactivity - 8, well. This *is* a game. But I didn't give it ten, because there are a lack of questions for you to use.
Humor - 5, were a few humorous parts; but I felt this ruined the game's true plot.

This game does need alot of trial and error, and after playing for an hour *still trialling and erroring, even on the first chapter*, you will then need to pay five dollars to see the ending. This would perhaps defeat the object of playing the game.
Not a very good review, I know, but some things are best left out for you to make your own mind up on.

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Great, but sucks after Part 2.

That's great. You guys put this on Newgrounds so that we can go as far as Part 2, but if we want to see it all, we have to pay to join Zap? Not even Armor Games charges to play their games.

I was gonna give it a 10...

nice intro

ahhh, i had almost forgotten about this brilliant series. this movie for the trial was brilliant, though i was rather hoping for the actual interactive phases in this one though. i always enjoyed playing the other ones leading up to this point and whenever its available, i know i'll definitely enjoy it as well. im actually now quite anxious to find out who the real killer is... i've had my theories, but i wouldn't have a clue who to point the finger at.

Awesome, But, Disapointing

There are no words to express my anger that I can't play unless I fork over $5. It may sound greedy, but, I'm not paying $5 just to see the ending to somthing. You should make it free if it's on Newgrounds.

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2006
3:36 PM EDT