The Trial - Prosecution

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Here begins Briget's trial for the murder of Dr. Raleigh. The Trial is in five parts. This is the first part which is a movie of the Prosecutor making his case against her.


This Really did make "Poop look Good"

I didnt like this flash, The grafics were horrible and the liup syncing just didnt cut it, this is a great rough draft, but deffinitly not worth being on the front page.

Things in court are a bit different

I'm a law student in Ottawa U, and I know lots of people will think I'm just complaining for nothing, this is just a game etc..., but still I'll do a few remarks just to change maybe a few conceptions people have. Yes, I am in Canada, and the case is in United States, but the two systems are very close, both coming from the british Common Law, and I can assure you no lawyers will go in court without discussing of the strategy with the client. What i mean, is that no client would've behaved like Bridget. The lawyer who's going to represent you is going to ask you indirectly and very diplomatically if you did the crime, or at the very least he will know by the way you're behaving. And even if you did it, he will represent you. So the lawyer before the court would've carefully explained that they only had to cast a doubt in jury's mind to be acquitted. He would,ve known ALL the facts, (which was obviously not the case here), and explained event if they sort of sent the crime on Klink's shoulders, unless the old prosecutor had a good deal of proof, he would not sue him. Also, she shouldn't have spoken to the jury. Then again, the judge is supposed to know what's your defence. Normally he receives two memory from the two lawyers. Their version of the facts, arguments and searched conclusions are in it, so the judge knows where you're going and he doesn't behave like this judge : they usually are a lot brighter (mind you I said "usually", so you can stumble on rotten apples). But I really liked the way you made the judge present the innocense presumption. In a way for people that thought there was a lot of preparation, and that we were not going in the game fast enough, I, myself, thought the contrary.

Else of that I found the game a lot of fun, not easy, but not too hard either. Continue the good work.

And... yup, I'm french. Or even better : a proud quebeccer (but NOT a separatist, and YES we can be both)

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That's awful

Your game is good and it seems to be a lot of fun but I'm not even going to bother finishing it because I can see from your previous reviews that you need to pay money to see the end of this.

It's a hard game that takes a lot of trial and error so whats the point of playing this game if you cant even see the outcome without paying for it?

Sorry but that's bullshit, pointless playing.

you have to PAY to finish?

this is completely ridiculous. you have to pay for membership with zap games to finish this. gtfo.

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Great, but sucks after Part 2.

That's great. You guys put this on Newgrounds so that we can go as far as Part 2, but if we want to see it all, we have to pay to join Zap? Not even Armor Games charges to play their games.

I was gonna give it a 10...

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Oct 12, 2006
3:36 PM EDT