lice vs crabs trailer!

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I've submitted this and it has past judgement. Although the submission I have on here is in black and white - This one is in color - I just want to replace the two - and have a different set of opinions - Once (hopefully) this one passes I'll delete the other.

Thank you - Also I made this a long time ago. The music is a bit out of sync with the commotion. Sorry.

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Sweet Jesus!

I'm so glad this is never coming to a browser near me! That' is one sick idea.

Aside from the obviously repulsive connotations of the subject material, I'll try to sum up the better points:

You did draw the crabs and the lice quite well - not sure why you made the lice look like centaurs, but it's not really important. I'd still reccomend zooming in, to make the drawing more detailed... also, but a tablet, it'll make things much better in the long run. I think you should have spent less time with the gratuitous picture of some guy wanking as well - perhaps make him just a topless guy, looking down his shorts or something...

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Bluemidgetguy responds:

The concept just kind of came to me. I laughed for about a month straight. This was one of my first so it's obviously not great. Concept is better than the art and animation.

Are you gay? All my flash movies you review you have to complain about the cocks - I think you have homophobic issues and you may be gay. You could easily say I'm gay and you're half right - but being so up tight, I bet you complain because when you see the cock, you get a boner and it makes you angry inside that your leading towards the male.


Funny idea

-Good idea
-The graphics are good enough not to go into cons

-The loud noises sounded wierd

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Heh, the idea of lice and crabs having a battle on my body is just hilarious. Just the idea makes this movie worth watching. Too bad it isn't going to be a full movie :( The epic music made this more funny too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Sound effects seemed a bit low quality in this, especially some of the louder ones.

That loading sucks-.

I have to say this to you, your drawing is kinda baddly, not the baddest of all, is nice, but it could be a LOT better. The animation, hummm, was decent, not good. Soo, thats all. it kinda sucks.


Your drawing skill is decent enough. You seem to have a concept that may turn out to be rather hilarious, and your introduction gave us a pretty good feel for what was going on. Yeah, I think it is better than the black and white one which got accepted, so why shouldn't this be accepted?

I never knew lice could be so violent. O_o

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4.04 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2006
1:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Original