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Jetpack Ep1: TheStarchild

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I can't believe this piece of shit pa..

er, Some of the best authors on newgrounds colab to bring you this! A masterpiece worked hard on by all of us. May it bring you good feelings such ass happyness, joy, and that tingly feeling you get whenever you scratch your ass when it really itches.

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a "htfdtgpj?" review

a.k.a. how the fuck did this get past judgement?

Graphics 10: it looked pretty real to me
Style 5: a racoon riding a jetpack. it takes style to think that up.
Sound 7: i liked the song
Violence 0: i dont remember the racoon slaming into the wall or anything.
Interactivity 0: was there even a play button?
Humor 3: lol... racoons
overall 3:overall could be longer and maybe make a bit more sense. but i see what you were trying to do.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

Well I see sire. I thank you for your input and contributions, and I am also glad to see you have taken a liking to AGNRY MUSIK. However, in the battle scene where we used ANGRY MUZIC, we put quite a lot of time and energy creating the epic frame by frame battle scene you saw, and we are completely disappointed with your low violence rating. We put hours upon days upon weeks creating it frame by frame, animating everything from the swords swinging to the blood rolling of Jetpack Racoons Jetpack. Though we are highly disappointed by your review, we will surely attempt to better ourselves by our next submission. Thank you sir bman77, have a swell day you incredibly sexy individual.


A badger on a jetpack? Gets a bit repetitive after the loop.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

Boring? Repetitive? This review is an insult, a mockery! How dare you insult our efforts of sincere effort with this garbage you call your opinion?! We spend hours, upon days, upon weeks to bring you this work, this masterpiece, that we slaved day after day upon sleepless nights to bring you, and you, you horrible scum, you come and ruin our work with your rancid stink of a review. Well sir, I bid you farewell.

The Raccoon with the Jetpack goes Round and Round

I loved this Flash! A Raccoon with a Jetback is Stupidity Genius! You might have wanted a different song though. I suggest you look in the Audio Portal and search for Time Warp and then click on Let's Do The Time Warp Again. Trust me on this. Other than that GREAT JOB! This is in my favorites now!


Bronze Medal

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

goodness gracious! Why thank you sir, though we did come to the consencus that we must keep the music. Though timewarp may be a nice song, I'm afraid we absolutely need AGNRY MUSIC to be for the battle scene. AGNRY MUSIC not only makes the battle more intensive, but it also makes it far more awesome, giving it a truely hardcore feel. AGNRY MUSIK may not be the best of choice, but we, as the best animators on newgrounds, feel as though AGNRY MUZIC was our only option. I bid you a kind, and fair day good sir. May you have good luck and other shit like that.


I don't know what u were trying to do.It was funny for the first 3 seconds.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

Funny?! You call our masterpiece funny?! We spent hours, upon hours on this animation of sheer brilliance, and you come and call it funny?! Funny for three seconds!? It is meant to be funny for 0 seconds you imbecile! How dare you trivle our humble efforts of greatness with your horrificly stinky review!? Have you no ability to sence brilliance you repulsive oaf?! I bid you farewell sir.

even tho i gave this a ten i still voted 0

it is kinda kool but i mean a raccon spinning in circles gets kinda boring
i gave a ten for style because thats wat it had, style

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

how dare you! the sheer time, and effort.. by us all, to make this cartoon..! why, people like you have no idea how to recognize true skill! we spent hours, sleepness nights, day after day, working on this brilliant piece. and you. you fiend, you come and debouch and defile our precious, precious time and energy with your.. FILTH. Your dirty, filthy and horid stench pile of a review..! I bid you sir, good day.

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2006
7:03 PM EDT