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The Flash Fairy came to me last night in a dream and left this on a floppy underneath my pillow. There was also a .txt file in which she explained that OrangeClock and I created it, along with PineappleClock who helped with the preloader. To this day I swear it was all a dream.

In case you were wondering, this is a PARODY of Transformers: The Movie. That ought to clear a few things up.


good movie

but i say strawberry clock will always be strawberry clock, the laugh of the portal

Yeah thats right. An 8.

I think everyone who gave this a zero is simply biased against the clock crew. This was in fact, a much better movie than I usually see on the portal. Good job, Raspberry.

RaspberryClock responds:

Wow, thanks!

Hey you guys made EB!

Why r u doing this why do you junk up the portal? is it to make your cartoon Eskimo bob a hit? so they can look at this and say EB is better than that and watch It HUH? i knew it starwberry clock is just Tomas and Alan Guinian So give it up already Eskimo bob isnt supposed to be a scheme. or what ever

Stop tring kid YOU SUCK

Kid you have major problems. I gave u a one becasue Wade Flup was in it and I think he's cool. but your gay... Stop making gay homo shit with your stupid clock shit. Loser---


I am not one of those people who vote good movies down but this is really stupid, the voiceovers were retarded and what the hell was that plot, this is some gay shit how does this get voted 2.40 and why do people like it? Mysterys of the world.. Just will never know.

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3.69 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2001
3:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody