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The Flash Fairy came to me last night in a dream and left this on a floppy underneath my pillow. There was also a .txt file in which she explained that OrangeClock and I created it, along with PineappleClock who helped with the preloader. To this day I swear it was all a dream.

In case you were wondering, this is a PARODY of Transformers: The Movie. That ought to clear a few things up.



That was really, really funny. The best movie I've seen from a Clock Crew member since "StrawberryClock VI." Nice work, RaspberryClock!

I like the vat of acid inside CarrotClock

I think it would have been better without PineappleClock's speech at the end, but it was funny anyway.


I loved this. I asked Wade what him and Tom where smiling at on the cam, then they sent me here, I busted out laughing. Thank god Wade gave me this flash to watch. You guys rock!! I like the EB sounds in it too :)

TomFulpClock! That was funny

Ok honestly, Orange has learned how to make a decent flash and it looks like the "evil" RaspberryClock can make an OK one as well.
Give this one a look, it's clock propganda but it will not crash your computer.


For all of you who say "I don't watch Clock movies, I just give them a 0" you're stupid! There have been some really good, and funny, entries by the Clock Crew lately. Newgrounds loves the Fruit Clocks! They crack us up. We know some of their past work was crappy, but they have turned over a new leaf and have been submitting some good stuff. The funny thing is all the users who hate them, and make even worse flash to show their hate towards the clocks. Well guess what, the joke is on all of you! Long live the fruit clocks!

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3.69 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2001
3:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody