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well....This is a lil awkward to talk about...
Ive been having this idea to introduce this new series in my head being created so i thought why not show how freaky and wierd it is before i show the whole thing...

So DONT WORRY if it doesn't make sence, Just give it what you think is fair and am looking forward on reading on your responces

and yes i know theres very bad voice acting WHICH dont worry in the series it will be sorted

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Not bad

Not the best trailer ive ever seen but definately not the worst, this looks like your stereotypical mass murder stalker death movie, i like the art on like the graves n moon etc, however the machette chucking was a bit lousy, the laughing sounded a bit...unusual but the large white grin or whatever the narrator called it was good - so overall, good art, good idea (although quite stereotypical), just work on your animation and we gotta successful series
Good Luck


It Could Work

It seems godd

Maybe try getting the animations more smooth

3 in humor because, I LIke the voice, its funny :P

Overall :



It's Going Somewhere...

It looks like what you have is pretty good so far. The story sounds interesting, the dialogue is well-written, the art is decet.

However, I had serious problems with the sound. It's extremely bad quality. Sometimes it's hard to hear what the characters are saying, and the music is so badly compressed that it hurts my ears. You'd be best to up your sound quality next time.

JakeX responds:

i know, i was going to do something with the sound but....it didnt work, so yeah thats my main objective now lol
Thanks again :D

This trailer shows potential for a good series...

... which is why it is good.

A nice small movie.

I like the animation and the way it was presintated. I also injoyed that (or at least i think that) you used several voices, or imitated different voices, or both, to show that it was multiple people telling rumors about the thing in question. The end of the movie makes me precieve that this is some form of killer (undead or not) with a target in mind. If not or if so, always remember that these previews make all the difference. My ownly recomendation is that you show more of the story. These previews make all the difference, I know it can be difficult to show some story without all of the story. You did do a good job don't get me wrong. I got a good idea of who the main character/villan may be. Overall good. Hope to see the full thing soon.

JakeX responds:

*grabs arm......sniff* THANK YOU!!!! lol
thank you so much for your words and well yeh i cant wait to start the story in movie('s) . And it was sorta hard not to let it out in this trailer :D

please look into this in the future and im glad you enjoyed it :)


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3.86 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2006
6:22 PM EDT
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