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Another NG first release from the plops ppl! Stop playing with your jewels and put them to good use, run a business in this unique puzzle with a brand new control scheme. Please pay attention to hints as they will teach you how to play. ENJOY!

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Delightfully Addictive

That game is such a great way to waste away a lunch hour, you wouldn't believe.

Having discovered how to play it, I set about attempting to master it (A nice tactic is dragging the fakes over toward the bottom left of the screen, which frees up a little room)

I can see quite a few more hours spent on this delightful offering.

so addtive

i found this game so playable once o got the hang of it brilliant game very addictive i love the idea of a jewelry store and the diamonds i found the three diffculty setting to be fair i could not tell what ones were fake my only complaints were that it did not have any levels and that it

Very good, and another suggestion...

This is a great game and more addictive than many puzzlers. Here are some suggestions I have on how to improve this for the final version...

-As it is, the in-game instructions are rather confusing. An honest-to-goodness tutorial would be nice, if only because this works a lot differently than most pozzle games.

-Agreed with the last guy that there should be some code in place to ensure that there are always combos. Perhaps the addition of a "wild card" gem which can be combined with anything else would be helpful. Alternatively, you could simply have the game continually check to see if there are available combos and, if not, give you to option of randomizing the board.

-One way to add challenge in higher difficulties is to give customers more complicated demands, such as "Use this AND this stone" or "At least 10 gems long" or "At least 2 combos." Stuff like that.

-It would be nice if you could use the money for something. Perhaps, between "levels," you could buy upgrades like more expensive jewels, longer chains, and other bonuses.

-Building off the above, extending the single-player game into a sort of campeign mode would be cool. It would be separated into "rounds" where you have about 20 appointments each and then between rounds you can buy upgrades for your store with the money you've earned. (Of course, this might be way too much to add.)

So those are my thoughts. It's a great game on its own though. (Like a guy before me said, in beta it's better than many full version puzzlers.) Can't wait for the final version.

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks alot! These are great suggestions and will definetely make it into dx ver also :)

very cool

great origional idea, as a beta it is better than most full version puzzlers, just needs more, shorter levels, also its nearly impossible to get 3 combos on hard difficulty level, some code to ensure there is always some combos available would be nice, finally an online scoreboard
(i'm 50/50 on whether levels should be timed, no timing made it relaxing and fun, but it did lack tension, i dunno...)
anyway keep up the great work

ReduxGames responds:

THANK YOU! some great feed back that's going to make it intio the new version :)!

Well played.

Very nice graphics and very original idea. The game's got a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure it out, its an awesome game. Too bad some people don't take the time to figure it out.

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks! I'm adding an intro to explain the story, and also more items and levels, so look out for BLANG DX soon.