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*Update: Seeing as everyone seems to like this game I have made some improvements, they should be live soon.
Many thanks to the NG crew for front page.

Hello NG Fans, This is a mini game I have made with pure fun in mind, take control of your ship using the "WSAD" or Arrow keys and the mouse to aim, as you go up waves, enemy AI will improve as will their weapons.

Hold down fire to charge your laser into a mega blast, this will pass through multiple enemies and give you combos. Combos = points :)

Try to complete all 10 rounds, it gets tough.

I read all feedback and will be looking for things to improve the game.



I encountered the same glitch, in the same stage. on eof the circle enemies got stuck, could no longer be destroyed, but could still get "bumped" with my ship. Other than that, i could play this all day!

I loved it...

But there's a glitch i think when you circle the ring and keep shooting, eventually one of the enemies will stop shooting and will be impossible to destroy. It happened on wave 26?

an average game because...

its a fun game and all but theres a glitch where you shoot a big shot then you shoot a bunch of little shots afterwards and the little shots will be a bunch of big shots :x


This is a great game, but I encountered a glitch. I think it was somewhere around level 35 (I lost count of the levels eventually), when you get to those little hexagon-shaped guys with the swiss-cheese-style holes in them. I shot all of them but one, and this last one would not shoot me, he would not move, and my shots went right through him. A fix for this glitch so that I may play past this level would be greatly appreciated.

If helpful, I have provided a screenshot, which you can access at the following link:


Thank you.

This Is An Amazingly Addidctive Game

This Was An Amazing Game, I Could Not Stop Playing. This Was A Completely Addictive Game. The Only Downside I Had Was That I Was Doing Very Well, And Then A Guy Froze. I Could Push Him Around And Stuff, But I Couldn't Shoot Or Kill Him. I Had To Restart The Game. But Besides That, It Was Very Good.

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4.06 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2006
1:11 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional