Anthro Fable

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Here it is, the result of 40+ hours of hard work, my final project for the semester of my animation course. This was made with cutout figures with various replacement pieces and hinges. The visual style has a few references to artists I admire, so I'll list them now. The purple sky is inspired by Jhonen Vasquez's red sky in 'Invader Zim.' The gangster cat was inspired by Tracy Butler's comic 'Lackadaisy.' The clouds in the sky are inspired by Tim Burton's use of sharp edged swirls and Monkey Island's clouds. The story style is also very Roald Dahl. I'd also like to thank Adric Gardner and Matt Greenwood for helping me get this into flash. And yes, that is my voice - just pitched down so I sound like Kamahl.



yaaaay ze fox pawned^^ yesh im an anthro fox^^


That was somewhat fresh. It had a Dr. sues thing going on, but with a maniacal twist.

Just one complaint: the video quality was not...at it's best. The animation had some kind of low quality blur to it, which made it hard to see.

Other than that, it did pretty well.

Great job

im a furry myself, but more of a dragon, but still it was great


I love this...10 stars! No question about it and yes...I am a furry.

patronise responds:

Har, I had the same thing on Youtube with this video. Every second person who commented had a username like RedDragon20 or BobFox or something like that. But yes, I'm a furry too - if this video doesn't make it obvious. :P


That was great! You get full marks (except interactivity, but ohwell)
Not to mention, it was furry and thus made me very happy =^.^=

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2.93 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2006
9:41 PM EDT
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