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The Mighty Trio 1.4

rated 4.08 / 5 stars
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Oct 10, 2006 | 7:40 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is the fourth and final episode of the series. You may want to go back and view the previous episodes in order to understand what is going on if you haven't seen them already.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ahh poor Mighty Trio i really hoped hed make hes Dream come Ture.
but the Movie was Great


Rated 4 / 5 stars

It needs something

You definetely know how to play guitar and animate. No doubt there. But the storyline is cliche, and not exciting.


Record a song with an entire band, the solo acoustic guitar didn't fit. For this cartoon, a slight synthesized keyboard melody would be better, watch superhero cartoons you'll see what I mean.

Please, create more interesting characters. Why is he called Death Man? There is no distinction between charatcers.

The villian had a bad childhood. You could have used that to make him a very interesting character, but instead made him the flat, boring, stereotypical villian.

The man is smart enough to create a superdrill but confuses it with swamp gas? Please.

Why is the man with the knife helping Dr. Vlatelence? Why can't he talk?

What am I saying, ultimately? The script needed work. A lot of it. Every single cartoon needs to have good animation, background animation, and script. The second two elements are lacking.

To make a really good cartoon? Research cartoons, see why they're good. Especially Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, Spongebob, Family Guy, and others. They have strong scripts, which has contributed to their success. Look at some anime too, why are so few popular while they are hundreds of series? Look at a few plays and other movies and tv shows too, understand why are interesting to watch.

You have potential, friend.

Ghosty22 responds:

Any recommendations as far as super hero cartoons go? I don't watch much television. I used to watch "Batman the Animated Series" a long time ago. If memory serves, they had a soundtrack that was made with an orchestra... Maybe they used the movie soundtrack or something.

I'm not so sure it's appropriate to start explaining stuff that I didn't make obvious in the cartoon, because the cartoon is supposed to stand alone by itself without a defender, but I guess I assumed he paid someone to design it, and he was only assembling it. But it is a good point, why wouldn't the audience assume that it was his own design? I never really said how he knew the gas was there. I guess he would've had to use some sort of sound wave emitter that dinosaur hunters use to see what's in the ground. I don't know how you'd tell the difference between one gas or another if it's underground. Swamp gas is often toxic. I guess it was just a bad assumption on his part.

Background animation? Do you mean background music?

I hate making excuses, but this series was sort of stripped down and mangled. It was supposed to be part of a larger series, and I was working with another person. We sort of had an argument, because he didn't want me to put my name in the cartoon. I got very suspicious about this, because, growing up as an artist, people would ask me to draw things for them. When I was finished, they'd erase my name, write their own name, effectively stealing my work. So there was no way I was going to take my name off of the cartoon. The reasons he gave for not putting my name on it were all pretty weak, yet for some reason he insisted on it. I didn't really trust him after that. Then he wanted me to give him writing credit for the entire Dr. Vlatulenz episodes because he'd made a couple of suggestions that were irrelevant to the story. I ended up telling him that I thought we should go our separate ways, and that I wouldn't use his characters, and that I didn't want him to use mine in the stories he wrote or at all. Anyway, I had to completely rearrange the story without his characters, and I also cut out the suggestions he made, because I didn't want to take any chances... That's why those other two civilians are following them around the whole time.

But yeah... You're right. It does need a lot a characterization. That episode was supposed to be something like the fourth in the entire series, and there was supposed to be more episodes with characterization. I guess I was working under the notion that I'd characterize them in the earlier episodes. I just ended up doing the forth episode first, and I rushed it out, because I was afraid that my characters would be stolen.

My brother is actually writing me a script for the origin of Death Man. What I should've explained, at some point, is that he is the weapons/combat expert of the Mighty Trio, and the other two are scientists. The cheesy names are due to the fact that I created those guys when I was like 13. I've often thought of changing Happy Man's name and symbol. That happy face symbol might be borderline copyright infringement. The name "Happy Man" is kind of... Dumb...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good but seemed a bit anticlimactic

It was still quite funny and tied up everything well, but it seemed to just end abruptly. It may just be general disappointment at seeing the end of an otherwise great series, in which case, doesn't have much to do with the flash. I hope to see the Mighty Trio in future flash.

Ghosty22 responds:

Yeah... The abruptness of it kind of bothers me too. It felt as if there should be a fight there or something, but I didn't want to kill off Dr. Vlatulenz. I like him, and want to bring him back for future episodes. Also it seems kind of cliche when, in every action movie, the bad guy gets killed in a dramatic shooting. I've always thought that, once in awhile, he should get arrested...

Well, I've been working on two cartoons. One is a Mighty Man solo adventure... I still need to record the music for it. Then Chanter Tales 1.2 has just been compeleted, and I'm planning on posting it on Tuesday.

I have been working on a Mighty Trio episode, but I had to set it aside so that I could finish these other projects, and the actor who plays Happy Man isn't always readily available.

Then my brother just told me he's working on a solo Death Man script for me. Which is cool, because I created the trio when I was a kid (which explains their goofiness) and he used to help make adventures for them. he was much funnier than I was...


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Better than I expected

Best thing I've seen today. "Oh no, a generic green gas." Just liked that line.

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