The boy who QuestionedGod

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A comic i did 4 years ago in flash form.. enjoy


yeah you mr. god guy...FUCK YOU!!

your going to hell, see ya there buddy!!

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The pictures are wonderfully shaded and the story kicks ass! I loved this movie.

This seems like a quaint little fable for our time. People question God, and brag about how they believe that there's a vast universe of nothing after death... and even with all that cynicism, those people don't seem happier or better off than anyone who DOES believe in God. So, in essence, it's all just a bunch of pointless bickering between "believers" and "non-believers".

I'm, of course, not saying that I think that everyone should believe in God, I just think that a lot of times we're helped along the way by some supernatural force, and are too proud or distracted by our own life to even notice.

Thanks for that great, great movie.

Dumbass kid!

That was pretty good. The drawings were alright. But no soumnd. Oh Well this deserves a 10.

Wow. God has big hands.

I wish they had such cool pictures in the Bible. Oh yeah... To all you Edmund haters, I dare you to send me 1 email about how offended you are that I hereby state that you are losers! If you don't like his style, why do you watch his flicks? Do you think one of them is gonna be an apology to you? If you don't want to see it, don't click on it. Stupid, stupid, stupid(Nonny-nonny-boo-boo, and a stinky dead baby to you too!).


I dont think I can stress enough, the absolute awesomeness of this movie. The graphics were amazing and the poem, astounding. Absoulte genius

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