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BoaF: Character Turns

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Author Comments

Student work from my 8th quarter at the AICAOC.
**Music by Jo Hisaishi from Princess Mononoke.**

This was a pre-production piece put together last quarter when I started working on Birds of a Feather, for the purpose of giving a bit of back story to the two main characters (and displaying their final model sheet turns). Once again, these are my original characters--do not copy, redistribute or use these designs under any circumstances. I eat art thieves for breakfast. >:d

flash 8

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well, now I know about the characters... you need to make more of these.

A "Next Character" button would have been nice!

Not really a lot I can say about this movie. Not really much of a movie- just a sort of character profile. I'm glad I watched Birds of a Feather before I watched this, otherwise I would have given away the story! However, that is sensationally beautiful music, -some of it hinted as something mischievous- that's a nice touch. Some of it was serene and placid- truly wonderful. Some of it was a bit eastern and pentatonic- not sure what that might have suggested. Reminding me of Loz Windwaker's "Forest Haven" music. Anyway, there's not a lot else I can say, except adorable characters! Will you be publishing one for Pandora and her friend?



So good ^^. My bows for you. /bow


you are good man...i reviewed the movie these guys are in...but man you are good...I almost regret my review for the movie...you are my new favorite author even if this is all you ever do....well untill some one better comes along...and I do belive that will be a long wait.

nicely done maam

Hey you're really great at animation!I would definately love to see future work.I really liked the storyline in this short little animation maybe you could make further animations based on this one(that would be great)I think this is one of the best graphics I have seen on newgrounds so far,anyways good luck!:)