That's My Fulp 2

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That's My Fulp episode 2: Wadegrounds.

Watch the first one if you haven't seen it yet.

Will respond to all reviews.


I think even Wade is laughing

I know this pokes fun at Wade but we all know its a joke. I really like how much effort and good timing on comedy this piece manages to pull off. I thought it was a one timer but again you prove us wrong.

Try to get more NG folks like Stamper and Utah in this it would add to the fun.

MaddFlash2 responds:

I love your honesty and how you help us out a lot. Your comments will be used to improve the next one.

Dandy charms

That was good grins. Thanks for the laughs. oh and I think the graphics fit perfectly with the theme. Keep up the good work.

MaddFlash2 responds:

I love you! <3 Your comments will be used to improve the next one.

Potential setup, but falls short exponentially

We hav'nt really had a real 'behind the scenes' sitcom about the Fulps on Newgrounds, and I believe it'd be really popular... but unfortunatly, this animation does'nt do the idea justice.

Unfortunatly, this episode purely relies upon stolen charecters, and poor one liners to provide the highlights of this short.

If this toon is going to be enjoyed by the masses, and recieve awards, the graphics need development, but most of all, the plot, the scripting, the humor.

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MaddFlash2 responds:

Thanks for the review as always. Will take all you said and use it to better my next project

It was okaish,

It wasn't as funny as I assumed it would be, in fact I rather detest the one-line quips the tank man said.

What I did find funny was this… When the man at the end said. “Please vote this movie a 5 or I will be executed” I clicked 4. He then exploded.

This proceeded to spin me out.

MaddFlash2 responds:

You will be executed then. LMAO JK Thanks for the review

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3.53 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2006
5:02 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody