Dailytoon #278

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hey look starbery i actually made a dailytoon today ha ha eat shit big boi!!



same old same old...

An advert for adult swims minori team show and a weird guy dancing... business as usual for the infamous SS... the business of churning out whatever the hell they want and using their numbers to protect it. There are some exceptions with the SS movies but as a general rule with you guys pretending a flash movies great doesn't mean it is >.>

Dont like it

it had no plot, no point, and was just too random.

This is all becas

This score is all here becas of the second movie, the Hustlin one, firstly, I love that song, and secondly, it was funny, just the looks of the guy, the first movie didnt do it for me, keep makin these toons!


This is perfect in every way. 2 of the things that I'm the most ashamed to like are together in one flash: Goldencat and the Star Syndicate! This is awesome!

Another dailytoon getting closer to 300

I have to honestly say the first was nothing to write home about but the second. I am sorry but even looking in the mirror while doing this it is a quite contorted drawing the thumb which looks like its the left is quite contorted or should I say on the wrong side. If its the right...that guy is from the exercist because no one can move their head to the back that far.

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Oct 10, 2006
3:50 AM EDT