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Zombie Bums from Uranus

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Author Comments

ZBFU is based on the book written by Adny Griffiths.
Was made for a school project.
Why not put it on Newgrounds and see how it does!

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i didn't get it.

i don't get what it really has to do with the storyline at the start... but anyway.. The graphics were mostly bad, but some were quite good proving that you are a capable artist, so take more time on the art. The animation was minimal really - try doing some more. The sound was quite annoying and you of added sound effects at some points and the 'plot' (as in what it says at the start) is a little corny - but maybe its meant to be like that, i didn't like it and i 0'd but you should still finish and submit the finished thing.

Nayhan responds:

Thanks for your review somethings weren't there which were suppost to be there which would have explained what was happening and where he was.
I think I will add sound effects to it and change the zelda music.
I think it's pretty good for my first movie.

umm... yea...

What in the hell was that supposed to be about? have a feddish for anus or what? Anyway, I hope you actually work harder on this because I feel that it's a waste of newgrounds' space. Honestly, Zelda's theme music did not fit in it either. Correct these problems please. Make it funnier, make it longer (it ended for no reason on the waterfall) and make it graphically better.

Nayhan responds:

I changed it a bit.
Do you understand it now?
Has it improved it at all?