DumbassDude Short ep 12

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DumbassDude ep 12 is now out!

'DumbassDude goes Shopping'
I respond to all Reviews.

~Flash 8 required~



It waz ok. Not very entertaining and it waz also very retarded, in a bad way. overall i think this will pass judgement.

DumbassDude responds:

i see, well shut up


why do you make so many of these, why don't you spend some time getting voice actors, and put all your best efforts and make a long funny great dumbass dude?

just a suggestion.

King of David

DumbassDude responds:

because i have already ordered a great headset microphone thingy and im plannng on doing what you just wrote.

An awesome kill, young warrior

Ah, the great crested lion of Angbar.... Many times have I met this fearsome foe. A good slash to the throat as it pouncees is a good yet dangerous tactic for dealing with such a worthy foe, but it seems you have found a new method. Your spinning death strike is highly risky yet surprisingly effective, and I must make a note of it for my path to fighting perfection. I commend you, lad, I commend you.

DumbassDude responds:

well, whateva you just said, ok


this is hilarious

keep em' coming!

DumbassDude responds:

will do


^^Good Points^^
One good thing is that these movies seem to be getting better in nearly every aspect as you release more. You revamped the graphics, which looks great, and the animations are much smoother, and the drawings have more detail. This was I found particularly funny; I really didn't expect that ending to occur!

^^Needs Improving^^
I can see little voids in the black outlines of some things, I assume where you made lines for shading. You may want to consider cleaning that up a bit in the next episode.

DumbassDude responds:

thanks and yeah i noticed that to, ill clean up.

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3.17 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2006
4:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Original