The Five Rules of Fun-Fun

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I live by these five rules.

Please be fair in your ratings and reviews - don't give this a bad rating just because you're pregidous against stick figures.

I was originally going to make the title of this animation "The Five Ways to Achieve Inner Happy-Fun-Fun", but it was too long, so I made it "The Five Rules of Fun-Fun".




4 out of 5 rules i already knew

Kinda funny

This cartoon was pretty funny. But you should of had more stuff or elaberate on the stuff you had.You should also add a background. The gray got boring.

Vincenator responds:

What? You mean you don't like solid gray all the time? That's wierd... :P
But I'll make a not of that, although I only had a plain background on Rule # 4 and kinda Rule # 3.

I see...

I can see good detail in the background, may be you could try and give it to your principals too. Research the plot, look for something bigger. You have animation skills that you can work on. Just give it time... and loads of practice.

It was ok

not great, could of done more with each idea, show the batery over charge the item and blow up, burning himself while he eats the soup by hand. Falling down the escaltor or running so he's progressing on his way to the top.

Good, but stick figures are still lame.

The grahics work well and the sound is thoroughly audible. The expressions on the character's face also helps enliven the atmosphere. Good work.

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3.07 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2006
2:02 PM EDT
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